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What is my network password?

Asked by Pietro (65points) November 23rd, 2008

I was given the password for a home wireless internet network and I have lost it. Is there any way that I can find the password on my computer while I am still connected? I use mac airport and I have a macbook.

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Hook up your computer to your router with a cable, enter the IP of your router and reset the password.

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go to the application called keychain access and find it there. find the name of the network in your list of passwords. then double click it and check the box for show password. then you will have to enter your admin password for your computer. it will show the password

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Oh, you’re still connected? then do what waterskier said. I’m sorry.

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Worst case scenario, you can do a hard reset by pressing the button in the back with a paperclip for about 20 seconds.

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@wilhel, you dont have to be connected in order to look up the password

as long as you clicked to have it stored in your keychain it will remain in keychain access

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yes i know, but as i said above, i thought he wasn’t connected.

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oh ok i gotcha, what im saying is that if he has ever been connected at any point, regardless of if he is now, he can still find it

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