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What is the song at the end of Dexter?

Asked by jtvoar16 (2171points) November 23rd, 2008

I just watched todays episode of Dexter on Showtime and at the very end of the credits a totally sweet techno beat comes on and plays, and I was instantly addicted to it.
However I have no idea what song it was. Anyway I can find out?
My phone can not ID it, and I used both apps, and Showtime’s website is no help, thus I turn to you guy!
Is it a proprietary beat conceived by the lead sound design of Dexter, or a real song, licensee?

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I haven’t seen the newest episode, I usually wait for the torrent. But is it the same song at the end of every Dexter?

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I’m not sure. I have never really payed attention in the past, usually cause my recording cut off, or I tune out. I think it is a new one, due to what happens in this episode….
All I can say is:
The Game Is On…

sorry if that ruins anything for you, but I just couldn’t resist!

BTW, if it is the same song at the end of every Dexter, do you know the name?

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I honestly forget the one at the end of every episode, unless it’s the same as the one at the intro/theme song. If it is that one, then I always figured that that was just a tune the makers of Dexter created, and not a real song.

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I know the Theme for Dexter is based of off some country song…. My friend who is as obsessed, if not more so, then me, told me that and her phones ringtone is the original song.

But the end song is not the theme… I don’t think…

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Oh, I don’t know then. The torrents I download (the ones uploaded by EZTV) cut out the credits, so I won’t be able to tell you when I see it tomorrow or the day after. Sorry.

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Google has multiple links to the Dexter theme song and other songs from the show as well. Good luck!

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The best place to ask this question would be the Dexter Showtime Wiki. Here’s a link to last night’s episode, I didn’t look too much into it as I’m watching the episode tonight, but I’m sure you can either find the answer there, or ask on the Talk page.

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I love that show. I missed the first two episodes of the new season so I stopped watching until they replayed them. Is there a place I can watch full episodes?

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I watched last night’s episode and I thought the song at the end was different than usual. It is usually more of a haunting instrumental and last night it caught me off guard when it was different. Did anyone else notice that?

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You can download it from itunes on the dexter soundtrack. It’s called BLOOD THEME

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what about the song at the end of episode 4 (season 01) ?!?!?!
Its awesomeeeeeeeee

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