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Asked by missylovesyou14 (1points) August 28th, 2007

Each time he’s over, he asks to go to my room walks around and looks at stuff in my room or more usually, sits on my bed and asks what do you want to do?
He’s very homophobic but he let ME hairspray & do his hair although I had to beg him to allow me and for a total homophobes it’s pretty rare for them to let a girl hairspray and do their hair
Once I said Pete Wentz is hot but he kisses guys. He said something and it ended with the word kiss. I hope and think he said we should kiss or do you want to kiss?
He acts shy around me, bows his head down a bit, mumbles a bit, until we start laughing at something funny
He definetly acts different around me than when hes with other friends
Once I asked if we could go to his house and he said Ughh there’s a problem with my house. We can’t go there
He never flirts with me
He never compliments me
He never gives me eye contact
Once he said Ow my balls in front of ME
he never asks me personal questions

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I’m confused – why would a homphobe not want you to do his hair?!?!?!
Why don’t you just ask him?
And why would you want to go out with a homophobe anyway?
sorry – i answered your question with a load of questions!

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How old are both of you?

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I’m assuming this is high school ? If so, just ask him. He seems shy. But I think he does like you, and I think you know it, you just want some other people to tell you.

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Why are you drawn to him? He seems very immature and not really ready for romance. If you are the same age, he could be emotionally and developmentally several yrs behind you, particulary if you are in 7–10th grades. Maybe it is time to find someone closer to your level of maturity.

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he likes you.

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he likes you, but is way too immature to be able to show you. I would look for someone more mature if you are interested in a serious relationship….

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How about just kissing him, & see what happens? That’s what I used to do when I was young, a hundred years ago

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I’d guarantee that he likes you. you already know that tho, you just needed to confirm it with other peoples opinions. LOL I should know I’m the same way

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He likes you! That’s great. It sounds like you like him, too. Good luck!

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He never flirts with me
He never compliments me
He never gives me eye contact
Once he said Ow my balls in front of ME
he never asks me personal questions

Hmmm… He may like you as a friend. What exactly do you mean by ‘personal’ questions. Does he ask you about your dreams, aspirations? To find out for sure, I would go with Magoo’s advice.

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He sounds like some of my favorite friends from my teen years. There may be a hint of romance but it’s a friendship connection due to lack of maturity on his part. Just enjoy his company. It’s a wonderful to have a friend who makes you laugh.

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What was wrong with his balls? Did you kick him or something?

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yeah he likes you..good luck (”,)


yea i conquer with most of these people in here, im pretty sure he likes you

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Hes prolby to shy and feels that spending anytime with you know matter what it is he’s getting closer just ask him

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Hmm….i know a guy like that…..but he definately does not like me in that way….

Maybe he is just as confused about what you think of him as you are about him? (if that makes sense, maybe you should read that a few more times just in cases lol)
I think you should try and talk to him about it? I have no idea sorry

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Guys who like you will be awkward around you, if a guy ever acts totally confident and is the same to you as his friends, he’s either not interested and probably never will be or he’s gay.

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