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Best way to get downtown from Telegraph Hill?

Asked by Mendy (1points) August 28th, 2007

I’m moving to the San Francisco area next week and was wondering what is the best way to commute to my office….I’m going from Lombard Street in Telegraph Hill to 3rd and Market.

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If you want to take public transit, you could take the F Line from Embarcadero & Bay to Market & Kearny or pick up the #45 bus at Union & Columbus to Stockton & Geary.

I would recommend riding a bike to work. It’ll be mostly downhill on your way to work (so you won’t work up too much of a sweat), and you’ll get a great workout on your way home.

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the 45 bus.. also, take a look at

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Two of my coworkers live right near there, and our office is on 2nd and market, so it’s pretty much the same commute. They both walk to work…it’s definitely acceptable to SF to wear sneakers to work and then change when you get to the office.

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