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Which kinds of questions suck?

Asked by glial (3001points) August 28th, 2007

Seems like activity is down the past couple of days. Which types of questions do you not like to answer?

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For me:

Any question that a wikipedia excerpt, google maps or other map site search , or google search will answer.

Good questions for me:

Opinions, questions that require experience, not easy answered with the above.

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I agree…questions that require no personal thought, opinion or perspective do not really interest me…i prefer questions where each person puts in their view or opinion or life experience. To me this adds color and vitality to the question’s subject and or debate. Questions which can also be answered with a degree of humor are also a plus. I also enjoy questions which can be debated in a respectful tone. These questions which are debated may not always change my view, but they often enlighten me to the views of my fellow Americans, and I enjoy that.

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I would third the view put forth by glial – I really like opinion or not easily searched for questions. I would like to see more debate on questions too…I agree that the site seems a bit slower than when I first signed up.

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I don’t like the personal-situation (‘does he like me?’)-type questions, especially when you really can’t answer it without a load of information. I’m much more into the not-wikipedia/googeable but still practical questions (ie, creative ideas for a specific purpose, recipes, etiquette, product advice, troubleshooting something, etc etc etc). It’s amazing all the quirky things you can’t google.

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I like questions which have no definate answer, evoke thought, opinion, and receive no back up from a website….oh yes it would have nothing to do with relationships

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and it can’t involve one city. That way everybody can answer….. SF, DC, NY,CHI….too specific

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