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Beauty and the Beast on DVD?

Asked by BlueDing (244points) November 24th, 2008

I love Beauty and the Beast! But Disney’s had it in a vault forever! Does anyone have the inside scoop on when it’s coming out?

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According to Wikipedia: In 2010, the film will be re-released in the Disney Digital 3-D format, with a DVD / Blu-Ray re-release followed.

From the page as well: Disney has recently announced that a home video re-release is planned in 2010 after the release of the 3-D version which will bring the film to DVD and, for the first time, on Blu-Ray.

So it seems we will see some advertisements in 2009 for this new 3D version, and both 3D and classic version will be simultaneously offered on DVD/Blu-ray in 2009/2010.

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2010! I don’t understand why they keep them in the vault for so long. Thanks Dynamicduo :)

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Honestly, I think in part it’s them trying to create a demand so when they do release the DVD they can charge extra money and people will buy it still because it’s only out for a limited time. I think it’s also a tactic to prevent second-hand selling – one is less tempted to pawn off a movie that’s harder to get back.

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To build demand. So that when they release a DVD, everyone will want to buy it, even if they don’t necessarily want it right then and there – because they know they won’t get it again for another 10 years. That’s why I have (for example) Sleeping Beauty – even though I don’t much care about it now, within 10 years, it’s possible I’ll have kids who want to see it….

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Yeah… I mean, I get the thinking behind it. But if they don’t put Beauty and the Beast out for 10 years, they miss a whole generation of kids! That’s a lot of years that they could have been selling the DVD to grandparents or whatever for birthdays and holidays and baby showers. I dunno if I buy it.

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Well it’s certainly not for lack of ability, nor is it a lack of want for money, so I’m not really sure what to attribute it to other than them having an intent of some type.

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They put movies in the Vault in the first place because they’re corporate pigs. They’re selfish, greedy jackasses who are always looking to make as much money as possible. I’m told that bastard Michael Eisner was the one who came up with The Vault, then he left the company but they keep doing it anyway. Beauty and the Beast isn’t the only movie trapped in The Vault. So now we have to trust the people at eBay or Amazon . com asking prices up to $90 or $100 just for used DVD’s you could have bought for $25 new. All because of those heartless jerks at Disney.

If you go to Ultimatedisney . com, and register at their message board and E-Mail that guy who runs it, Luke, he could tell you about their newest DVDs through E-Mail. So you’ll know when that greedy, stupid company is going to finally re-release some of your favorites again.

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“They’re selfish greedy jackasses who are always looking to make as money as possible”.

Would you mind letting me know which companies in the world are not looking to make as much money as possible?

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