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Where's a chill place to live?

Asked by dstowell (12points) November 15th, 2006
I'm looking to avoid terribly urban areas but still find the funk. Already tried SF and Providence. Boulder? Portland?
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Portland, Maine has a great vibe--it's small, but with everything you need: lots of diff music, gorgeous waterfronts, all the seasons, funky boutiques and eclectic restaurants, great outdoors vacation options (hiking, lakes), and is fairly accessible (within 3-5 hrs) within the New England region
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that's funny - i grew up half an hour north of portland. i have to agree, it is nice.
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if being near family/old friends is something you might be interested in again, then there's another plus for portland!
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I grew up in Olympia, WA. It is pretty chill. Sounds similar to Portland, Maine.
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is most everything walking distance?
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Asheville, NC--but don"t tell anyone!
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As an X-trucker, I’ve been most everywhere and if you want solitude, go to some small country town in Montana. It has the smallest population of any of the States* ( Montana may not yet be a Legal State) and there is alot of wide open country there. Where I lived was 75 miles to the nearest town and my neighbor was 15 miles away. Climate can be hot in the summer, very,very cold in winter, but on an average it is alot like Northern California.

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