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What hair iron should I buy my wife?

Asked by derekpcollins (281points) November 24th, 2008

My wife users her hair iron all the time, but she’s had it for a while now and its starting to get old and not work as well. She currently has an FHI Ceramic Ion Styling Iron. I’d like to get her a new one for Christmas, but I really don’t know much about hair irons and there are so many out there to choose from. Any suggestions?

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Find the same exact one. Work hard to find it. We women get used to our tools – and if you found a new one just like the one she has it would be awesome.

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Chi is the best of them.. About 150.00. Good luck.0

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Acrazycouple is my husband and bought me the Chi! He’s right, it’s the best, I love it. Shout out to the hubbies who want to do their wives correctly!

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chi. They carry them at target now for around a hundred bucks. Anything else and your wasting your money.

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Chi is hands down the best. Sally Beauty Supply has a generic Chi for 70.00. My daughters are very picky about how straight they get their hair. We have tried generic and original and there is no difference in straightening, the only difference we have noticed is the casing gets only slightly more hot on the
generic. Also, the Chi has a lifetime warranty and replacement which may be worth the 80.00 difference to some.

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Gotta get a Chi. There is no other iron.

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@everyone – I’m seeing different varieties of the Chi hair iron. Is there a certain one that is better than the others?

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I ended up getting my wife the CHI Ceramic Flat Iron 1 inch Original Farouk Hair Straightener from Stylebell for $85.

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