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What has been your experience with

Asked by Snoopy (5783points) November 24th, 2008

Have you ordered from them before?

Any info regarding your experiences w/ this site appreciated.

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It looks like alot of the merchandise is refurbished. Have you had any problems w/ the items?

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My bf has bought over 10 tshirts. He likes them alot. Never any problems.

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I love it! It is a favorite site. There are some things they specifically make no promise will work, but other than that you’re good. Honestly I would read the forum comments on any post you like if you have time. If it has ever been offered before, the folks who got it will usually speak up about their opinion. I have been very happy with everything I’ve gotten from them, refurbed or new.

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I purchased a JBL Radial speaker system for iPod about a year ago. Very satisfied.

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I’ve never, ever had a problem with anything i’ve purchased there. They’re great!

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Amazing. Gotta love woot-offs and their “random bags of crap” containing “one to three craps” for only $1.00!

EDIT: The t-shirts are awesome.

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the shirt site is the best in my opinion!

i’ve bought about 10–15 times total between the three. I think they are great though. Always pretty fast shipping and great deals. Refurbished products from them are basically new and great quality in my experience.

The only bad thing is that occasionally i will buy something on there that i find a nicer deal later. I just bought the garmin gps c510 unit about a month ago for 75 bucks and just saw that on black friday wallmart is selling the garmin gps nuvi 200 unit for 100 bucks so that kinda sucks but can’t blame woot for that!

Woot, shirt woot derby’s and fluther keep the internet fun for me everyday lol

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@ aanuszek1
have you ordered a bag of crap from woot before? i never have done it but i am really curious as to what you have gotten if you have??

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What is the deal w/ the t shirts? Are they particularly cheap or interesting or both?

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I personally have not, but I’ve talked to people who have. It’s just useless [crap] that I’d throw in a drawer. [eg ethernet cables, cases, etc.]

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thanks i was always wondering about those. i figured i would save myself 8 bucks or whatever but ill give it a shot one day haha

i think the shirts are cool because they are all user created and you can vote on which ones get made. they are usually pretty interesting i’ve bought at least 1 shirt a week for the last like 2 months lol. and they’re cheap too. 10 bucks including shipping

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@acroarena I was reading about the BOCs. They are typically filled w/ “dollar store items”....however, there are some gems out there to get people to roll the dice.
They apparently sell out quickly when they are offered….and are usually puchased in 3s for some reason that I haven’t been able to figure out….?

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lol yeah i guess it’s all the junk that they have left over in their warehouse.

the reason people buy them in threes is that there is always a 5$ flat shipping fee no matter how many of a product you buy. So since they are 1$ each it is a waste to only order 1 since its 6 bucks for 1 and 8 bucks for 3 so you might as well order 3

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then why not 4 or 5 or 6?! LOL

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lol i think they would if they could

max is 3 :)

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Woot Good…

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Yeah—you can only order three of anything. The bag of crap is most efficient if you buy three because then you spend $3 with $5 shipping instead of $1 with $5 shipping. I got three once. It was mostly junk, but I used some of it. A few quite handy wine carriers, an electronic sudoku, an iPod pillow, rave toys, other stuff. It was mostly the grab-bag aspect that I liked.

I’ve also gotten wine from the wine site, some shirts from the shirt site, a few sellout items, and regular woot items.

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One day, I hope to get myself a few craps. I’ve had all good experiences with Woot. Quick and easy. The merchandise is not exactly top of the line, but there’s nice stuff. And most of the refurb stuff has a warranty.

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Thanks, Snoop dog! I just scored a couple great X-mas presents.

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thanks EP!

Um…but the takes me to yahoo….? That doesn’t seem like a woot site?

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My personal favorite. Read the description of the product….

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I just got my friend this one. These are so cute.

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@Snoopy: That’s why it is their sellout site. Watch it load, you can see that it is their site. They’ve simply sold out to Yahoo. Don’t worry, it’s still woot.

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And for anyone considering the wine site, I can personally say that I’ve tried it, shipped it to a friend because he works from home, and the box is totally discrete. You wouldn’t look like a wino accepting it at work. (They can’t leave it at the door because someone sober and over 21 must sign for it.)

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Does the UPS driver do an actual sobriety test at the door? LOL

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You just can’t be falling down drunk. You have to look sober.

Which actually means sending it to my friend was up in the air, he’s goofy and likely to look and act silly even when completely sober.

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I love woot. I buy from them as often as possible. My merch always ships fast and arrives intact. What more could you ask for?

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sellout.woot is yahoo, woot sponsored

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Woot is great for a lot of things (t-shirts for one) but sometimes I like t-shirts that are a little more artsy. I really enjoy Resist Today’s art t-shirts and wallets (I own a monkey wallet and it’s awesome! and Tank Theory has very awesome printed t-shirts too (like this crazyness!

And I got a really good digital camera on woot awhile back and it was a smooth process, so I’d recommend them on that alone.

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To get back to the question you asked:

I’ve bought a few things on woot without any issues.
Just make sure to:

1. READ ALL THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS (some items say REFURBISHED so if you don’t read it and think you’re getting something new, but instead get it in a carboard box you might think you were cheated, but that’s how it is)

2. Don’t hold your breath (It takes several days for them to actually ship out your item/s, so it’ll be a while until you get it)

daz it

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