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If i download Internet Explorer will it hurt my MacBook?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) November 24th, 2008
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LOL, you know that is a loaded question on a forum like this right?
It depends on how you are running it. If it is the old mac version of IE, it probably won’t work, if you are talking about running it with Parallels or Crossover, or a similar program, it will only hurt your windows, not your mac.
Unless there is a version of IE available I have yet to find for OS X, then it is hard to say. It might, it might not, most likely, not.

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Even as a user of Windows, I despise IE. Safari is OK, but Firefox is great. If you want a new browser, get Firefox and download the “IE Tab” add on.

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Downloading it’s okay, installing or ever using it is what you want to avoid.


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I’ve run IE 5.2.3 on Mac OS 10.4 with no problems (at least no problems with the OS—IE 5 comes with it’s own problems.) Looks like you can get it here <>. The big question: why do you want to? If you need to test a Web site, you might be better off installing Windows under Parallels and looking at it in a current version of IE.

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But seriously, IE is no longer supported on Macs. Why are you wanting to run it? Many of the web pages that require IE need 6+, so even running IE 5 might not help you.

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You don’t make it very clear what version of internet explorer you’re downloading, or whether you’re downloading it to Mac OS X or Windows, but the short answer is no downloading IE is not likely to do anything bad to your computer.

However, I’m also going to assume that you’re not very clear on what version of IE you’re downloading, so I’ll explain some stuff about IE to you. Microsoft no longer maintains Internet Explorer for Mac and hasn’t for several years now. Therefore the latest version of IE is years and years old—effectively useless except for browser-testing websites. And even the usefulness of that is debatable, considering that Mac IE used a completely different rendering engine from Windows IE. If you want to download and install a current version of IE on your MacBook, you’ll need to be running a version of windows on it, most likely either through Boot Camp or Parallels.

So, why exactly do you want to install IE on your MacBook?

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IE? srsly?

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It won’t “hurt” your MacBook.

But it isn’t readily available. Microsoft hasn’t updated it since 2000 and took it off their web site for download two years ago.

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Downloading IE hurts anything

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No, it won’t. I run it and it works fine
no, i don’t use it as my primary browser

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