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I love buying things from Etsy. I especially like the rubber stamps.

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Life Is Good
Under Armour
Williams Sonoma

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@syz I had ordered from Overstock until I started receiving bizaare emails from the CEO imploring me to send money to a partiuclar Presidential campaign. I just thought it was so weird….?

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LandsEnd is always great!, too.

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ABE (Advanced Book Exchange)
Archie McPhee

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Femail Creations
Manic Panic
Eddie Bauer
Enchanted Art
Simply Australian

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AlfredaPrufrock's avatar is amazing. The whole company is on Twitter, including the CEO.

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I’m quite frugal, so,,, and a rare one is It’s more like an online auction where they get most of their items from city officials and school districts. The products are used and sometimes slightly damaged, but they are dirt cheap and can easily be fixed.

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@joni thanks for sharing….especially the publicsurplus link.

FYI You are probably already aware of this….but use caution shopping at CircuitCity. They are currently in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

shadling21's avatar for computer stuff.

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That’s interesting about Circuit City. I began wondering about the direction they were heading in when people began complaining about their return policy about 18 months ago. They were charging a fee if you brought back an item that had been opened. Best Buys really cut into their market share. Likewise, the Linen’s and Things closings while Bed, Bath & Beyond has managed to stay afloat.

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@Snoopy & Alfreda: Yeah I heard about that. I recently purchased a flat screen monitor from them and decided to read some the user ratings. Everyone was pretty much satisfied with the monitor, but there was this one guy that complained about a 15% return fee when he attempted to take his back. I will most definitely think twice about purchasing anything else from them. Thanks for the warning! :)

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2 particular favourites, fabulous customer service:

Mighty Ape

Jumping Tangents

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