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How would this work?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) November 24th, 2008

I want to find a huge poster of an elephant. I want to laminate it, and the hang it on the ceiling above my bed, so when im lying on my back, im looking at the elephant. I have around approximately 2.5 meters by 3.5 meters to work with, if not, more. My bed is in a corner. My ceiling is very sturdy, but the paint chips if its too moist or too dry. Any tips on how to hang a laminated poster like this?

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You want to know if you can hang a poster on a ceiling? Yes you can…

Why you would want to laminate it confuses me, but whatever floats your boat.

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That’s some long shooting.

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Repaint the ceiling first?

Thumb tacks would probably do the job.

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Hmm… here are some of my thoughts.

- If you laminate it such that it’s still thin and flexible, you can easily secure it to the ceiling using a variety of methods, I might consider using adhesive backed velcro, taping the fuzzy side to the poster back and staple gunning the hook side (I’d keep the paper on so that it doesn’t adhere to the ceiling, less chance of ripping paint off once you’re doe). I’d use velcro so that I could reposition the poster, or easily change posters around, plus I always have a lot on hand. You could also use some type of strong tape to adhere the laminated poster but I think the paint might be pulled off and it could fall, plus there’s tape goo to deal with at the end.

- If you want to laminate it such that it’s glued to wood, it’ll become a bit harder to hang due to the weight. Maybe it would be best to screw it directly into studs in the ceiling… might disrupt or damage the front of the poster though. I was thinking you could use screw-in hooks on the ceiling and these v-hooks in the back of the laminated wood and hang it off, but I’m not sure if this would be enough weight holding, especially if it’s just into the ceiling drywall and not any studs. Heck I’m not even sure if there ARE accessible studs in a ceiling.

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To clarify, I was thinking of laminating the poster on a piece of wood, as dynamicduo mentioned in his 2nd scenario. A friend brought something to attention about having it hang at an angle, and having it suspended by chains. I’m a little nervous about this, because I’m sleeping directly underneath it, but the idea sounds cool, especially the angular part.

Maybe I’m in too far over my head with this.

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Mtlzack: Why an elephant? Why wood? Why on the ceiling above your bed? Just…why?

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Umm, my room is very brown, and I’d like to stick with a brown theme i.e.: the wood. Plus, my favorite animal is the elephant. I was reorganizing my room the other day as part of my procrastination, and my mom noticed that I was putting clippings from National Geographic on my walls, and suggested that I put something on my ceiling. It’s basically the only empty space left. One wall is all my memorable moments, certificats and awards, another wall is occupied by a window, a shelf and a night table, one wall has my door and a shelf, and my other wall has sports paraphernalia and by bulletin board which occupy a lot of space. I also have posters on that last wall. My door is getting cluttered. I cant decide which posters I like more, so the ceiling would make perfect sense.

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Oh shit. I just realized something.

My mom has been supporting my entire room decoration, something she would almost never do without “proper planning”. Maybe she doesn’t want me to go away for university. I did apply for university out of province, and she has been stressing closer universities. Do you think that this is a conscious decision on her part?

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Yes, zack, I do.

My mom was very enthusiastic when I switched my former bedroom with my dad’s office this past spring. I put a new floor down, and she even let me paint the walls dark blue, and the ceiling yellow (something she would not usually allow.) Now as I’m applying for colleges, she seems very interested in making sure I apply to all the local schools, and isn’t saying much about schools further away.

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PS I’m not a guy :)

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This question is so cute. It made me giggle. (This is a compliment, not an insult, in my mind.)

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Look at the website They have a page that describes how they mount ceiling sized pieces – it’s probably more complex that what you’re looking for, but it may give you some ideas. They have same really neat designs.

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@ dynamicduo: Sorry about that. The internet is weird with anonymity issues.

@ answerjill: Ummm ok…

@ syz: Thanks for the link. However, I don’t want something that complicated. Also, I don’t live in California.

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