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Does anyone know what a handyman might charge for work in Washington, D.C.?

Asked by woolval (37points) August 28th, 2007

I have some work to do in D.C. and I’m not sure what I should charge. I was thinking around $20/hr., but that might be too low.

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Too low. What are your skills and what is the job? Here in a rural yet sophisticated area south of Albany, NY, handy men get between $25 and $50. (The guy who charges $50 can do anything, brings good equipment, is bonded and insured and cleans up meticuously afterwards…plus he works fast so is worth it). I had some cracks and cracked tape in white walls – he repaired only the damaged areas rather than repaint a huge room. He did a terrific job, even tho the paint on walls was 6 yrs old.

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