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Why do Hare Krishnas shave their heads?

Asked by elchoopanebre (3074points) November 25th, 2008

Today at my University there were some Hare Krishnas passing out literature.

I realized they all had the traditional Hare Krishna shaved head.

I became curious. The only thing I could find online is that it’s an eastern tradition for students of something (whether it be yoga or meditation) shave their heads but I’m sure it goes deeper than that.

Anyone know why they do this?

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The fact is that many Krishna devotees—especially those who are celibate monks in ashrams or serve as temple priests—shave their heads. Like members of other faiths from the East, these devotees shed their locks because it is clean, simple, and an external symbol of an internal commitment to a life of renunciation and service….Our hairstyles can start to embody the most superficial and shallow notions of who we are.

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It’s yet another way to free oneself from one’s possesions, hello!!

Oneupmanship, ugh….

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