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My dog, a yellow lab, sheds like crazy. Does anyone have any idea on how to help slow down her shedding?

Asked by woolval (37points) August 28th, 2007

She leaves piles of hair all over the floor! We love her so we’re stuck with this shedding problem.

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Expect the shedding but you can reduce it significantly. There’s a brush/comb called “Furminator” that canine specialists highly recommend. It removes the undercoat and loose hair.

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During this time of year when dogs tend to shed a lot, I was told by a vet to feed my previous dog a can of sardines a week. They will still shed, but the oils in the sardines help to slow down the shedding process. I luckily own a Welsh Terrier, named Winston, (notice my avatar), who does not and can not shed. Yeah Winston!

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He has to shed. The key is timing and location. Make him shed on your schedule. Brush him daily with a slicker brush so he will shed his coat at that time instead of all over your house.

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I have a black lab and he sheds like no other. I bought the furminator and the difference is night and day. Now when I pet him my hand doesn’t come away with chunks of fur! Its about $60 but its worth every penny.

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The furminator does indeed work wonders. A less expensive option is a stripping mitt – it is a rubber mitt with little nubbies on it. You use the mitt to (vigorously) drag the loose hairs out of the coat. Use it daily for about a week and then weekly maintenance. The furminator is actually much less work.

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Thanks to all of you. I’ve ordered the Furminator and anxiously await its arrival. From your advice and reviews I’ve read, this seems to be the best tool on the market for removing hair.

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