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If someone left their phone at your house would you look?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) November 26th, 2008

I left my phone at this persons house that im sorta hanging out with and it made me think of this question… If you were seeing someone, would you go through their phone if they left it at your house?

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Depends. Typically no. I may look at it to get their home phone number or something of the similar to call them to let them know that they left their phone. I guess if I was bored and couldn’t stop think about it I may look through the recent calls or pictures. Typically I try to respect privacy, however I’ll be honest, curiosity could get the best of me.

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No, I wouldn’t look. Looking through a cell phone is like looking through a wallet or purse. A found cell phone would be different (as would a found wallet). I have found purses, wallets, and cell phones before and looked only for information to help me return the item.

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Yes. Nothing more to say about that.
If you don’t want people going through your phone, ether:
A) Don’t leave it with them
B) Use passwords… lots of passwords.

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Depends whose phone is that. If the phone belongs to someone who i would like to dig his/her secret then yes.

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No way. I would never delve further into someones privacy then they choose to let me. If you were to look, you would essentially be raping that phone. You did not ask. You don’t care what the answer would be. That is wrong.

Now, just like every girl (you date) who uses the bathroom in your house goes through your medicine cabinet, they will go through your phone.

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That depends. I mean, I’d probably look through it enough to figure out who it belonged to, but beyond that? No. Of course, the amount of looking that would take changes from phone to phone.

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No, but I would be curious as to what music they’d have on it. But checking that out would be a violation of their privacy, so I couldn’t.

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If they asked if I had upon returning it, my answer would be, “No.”

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I would totally look! I’ll look while the person is there for that matter. I LOVE to snoop! For no other reason than just to be nosy.

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T’is a hard temptation to pass up…
If your were left in another’s home,
would pilfer through their things??

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I don’t think i would go through someones things but if i were seeing someone and they left their phone at my house, temptation might get the best of me. Really id only think about it if the person seemed kinda shady though and I wanted to see what I was getting myself into. If it were just a friend or something that im not romatically involved with then i wouldnt care what they are doing.

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I wouldn’t do it.

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I wouldn’t do it but if the phone rang, I might answer it (if I knew the person calling) in case it was the owner of the phone calling to say “ack, I left my phone there!” Same goes for texting.

That being said, I fully expect people to go through my phone so I never leave anything on there that I wouldn’t want someone to find such as suggestive texts or pictures.

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hey, there was a story in the news just yesterday about a man who left his cell phone at a mcdonalds. he called the restaurant and employees said the phone was there for pick-up. the owner of the phone had nude pix of his wife (that’s comforting, i guess), but whoever found the phone found time to paste the pics on an internet site. hmmmmmmmm…

the owner of the phone is suing mcdonalds

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Depending on whose phone it was, I might be sorely tempted. I hope my sense of decency would over-ride my curiousity though!

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I never even thought of it. I have found phones and called the number that said “home” or “mom” to try and get it back to someone, but now, in the age of text, this could be a good snoopy tool. Hold me back!!!

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I wouldn’t if it was the person I was seeing. I mean… shouldn’t all the messages be from me anyway? =P
If it was a friends, I would probably look at the inbox to see who they had been texting, but I wouldn’t actually read the texts. I know I’d hate it if someone did that to me. And I mean you’re not actually embarrassing the person who left it behind, but you’re embarrassing the people who were texting the person who left it behind, and it’s not these people’s fault the person left it behind so it’s kind of unfair on them.

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I think some people strayed away from the main topic, or maybe i didn’t say it clear but i ment someone that you are seeing left their phone at your house. I wouldn’t waste my time with a strangers phone, id prolly look for home or mom or something and try to return the phone like that but i wouldn’t care about text or anything. But like I said before if i were seeing the person and i wanted to know what I was getting into cause they seemed a little sketchy i might casually glance through some text or pix. I’d try not to and I would hope id be able to over come my curiosity but…depends how much i trusted the person i was seeing i think.

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I wouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean your secret info is safe.

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Oh. In that case, my boyfriend and I look through each others phones all the time. We both have the iPhone and they’re so useful, we just grab whichever is nearer and run with it. But I’m also not worried about him cheating even remotely—he wouldn’t have time. I do know he keeps nothing the least bit racy on it since people are always wanting to look at the phone and try it out. There used to be pictures of me on it, but, um, see previous statement.

So if he left it at my house, would I look? Well not really in a nosy way. Or a new nosy way. I mean, we just share a lot of space and cell phone space happens to be one of the spaces we have no trouble sharing. He also leaves his email up all the time. I don’t bother with it, I just log out and into my email. Which I then leave up and he logs out for his email. It’s probably some weird ongoing turf war or something: Battlezone Laptop: The Quest for Email to be Left Open.

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Er, maybe a Bit. Like skim through some pictures and ‘accidentally’ read some messages.

But I think if you’re really close to someone, they wouldn’t mind of you ripped apart their phone. I mean, my best friend wouldn’t if I did, and vice versa.

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