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What do you think of Obama's cabinet choices so far?

Asked by Trustinglife (6663points) November 26th, 2008

I suggest you read this article before responding:

Then, discuss.

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I find the treasury secretary pick very interesting. The federal reserve and IMF are the problem, not the solution.

There is no change. Obama is no different than Bush or Clinton. He is just continuing the agenda of the people that really run the country.

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Like the article, I think he’s made good choices and I’m interested to see what action they take together.

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I’m happy with his choices so far. He’s tried hard to choose the best people for the jobs. I like the fact that he hasn’t shied away from choosing strong personalities, and people who are apt to differ with him. That shows he’s secure in who he is, and it also shows he’s open to other ideas.

There haven’t been a lot of brand new faces, and that may disappoint some. He has chosen a number of people from the Clinton administration, but I think they have been the best from those years, and these are times when experience is important.

I’m actually liking Obama more than I thought I would. If I’d seen this Obama, I might have voted for him in the primary. However, I am happy that I voted for him in the general election. These are very tough tmes, but I am happy that he is the one in charge.

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Not sure yet.At least he(obama)made an appearence.
I was beginning to think he ran off and hid somewhere.

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I think he has made some smart and well thought out choices. He is up against some of the biggest challenges a president has ever had to face. He is picking people who have expertise in their appointed positions, in complete contrast to the previous administration. His choices are not based on whether they were buddies, if they were owed a favor or if they will serve as yes men or women. The Clinton administration alumni are the best of the best and if everyone will remember, the economy, foreign relations etc., etc. were in fine fettle. People are going to criticize whatever he does. I choose to believe that he is the best hope we have. America did themselves a huge favor on November 4th. When he starts digging us out of this mess, it will benefit us all, even the non-believers.

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He’s doing a fine job. It would be nice to see some fresh faces, but it may be necessary to have people in place who can ‘hit the ground running’, at least in the beginning.

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I have a lot of concern that a lot of his economic guys are followers of Milton Friedman, the mad theoretician out of Chicago who ruined Chile and has gotten us in the trouble we’re in – too much “free market” bullshit taken to corrupt lengths by that demon Dick Cheney.
I’d like to see a more Keynesian approach at this time in our economic history.

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One of the major problems Jimmy Carter had from the beginning is the number of “outsiders” he brought to Washington. He too came in on a change ticket after the miserable Nixon scandals and the Ford stagflation economy. The new guys thought working for the pres would be enough but they never understood how DC works.

Besides being smart and having a good plan, a president must have the ability and support to carry it out…and a healthy dose of luck.

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I love hearing all these perspectives on it. Way better than just hearing my own opinion.

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