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Do you know someone who refuses to use the Internet?

Asked by Jeruba (50403points) November 26th, 2008

Maybe even someone who refuses to own a computer?

I’m thinking of adults who have the means and are fully capable but just as a matter of principle or preference won’t have anything to do with the World Wide Web or may reject computers altogether.

If you have someone like that in your life, please tell a little bit about them and their reason for declining to join the digital age.

Please note that I am not making a positive or negative or even a neutral judgment toward them. No judgment at all. I am just interested in knowing what sort of folks they are and what their reasons might be.

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My Uncle John just refuses to embrace technology.

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My mother never touches computers. Period. I will have to ask her why. I think that she is scared of “new” (using that term loosely) technology, in general. She is only in her early 60’s, btw.

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No judgment is neutrality..?

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Amish people

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For real, though, my mother tries really hard to be “hip” and “with it” when it comes to the internet, but she can barely use e-mail. She always has these neologisms that she invents. She doesn’t “print” things, she “runs off” things. She doesn’t check her e-mail, but her “inbox account.” The most hilarious one, that I can only appreciate now thanks to the fact that time has lessened my trauma, was what she said after my brother ratted out that I’d been looking at porn as a teen.

“I know you’re been cruising the porno web!”

I don’t know where the porno web is, but I sure would like to.

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My old principal at the crazy school I went to.

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No, i don’t actually.

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My wasband and one of my brothers. My brother has his own business, and insists on doing everything on paper. He wonders why his business is failing…..

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I don’t know anyone who refuses to use computers. (my grandmother is legally blind and in her 80’s so we’re just happy when she can remember how her CD player works.) However, my boyfriend is a 23-year-old college student who hates computers, but loves programming. This has always seemed something of a conundrum to me…

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@asmonet, I do make a distinction between a neutral judgment and no judgment. Not judging is not judging. Neutrality would be the result of a decision not to approve or disapprove—in other words, the outcome of a judgment. I think of it much as a friend of mine used to say, quoting her aged aunt: “Don’t pay any attention to him. Don’t even ignore him.”

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My boss refuses to use computers. I don’t think he’s touched a mouse in his life. He gets his assistant to print his emails, he hand-writes a response, and has her type and send it. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

He runs a fairly large company to boot. He doesn’t seem to like me. He groups me in with computers since I’m the Sys Admin. It’s almost impossible to explain what happened to him when there’s a problem.

If someone types up a transaction wrong, he wants to know what the computer has done to get that wrong data. “People typed it in wrong” is never an acceptable answer.

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Yes. He’s going on 50 and prides himself on knowing nothing about computers and the Internet. It bugs the shit out of me because he is always asking me to look stuff up for him. He’s actually very annoying about the whole thing. He’ll go on a tirade about how technology is this and that, and then he’ll ask me
to do something for him. But, he’s always a self-rightous ass.

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I also love how these type of people always say, “things were so much easier before computers.”

Ok first give up your cell phone. Next give up your GPS. Also don’t have a car manufactured after 93. Don’t have digital cable or watch HDTV. All of these things have a tiny computer in them.

Give me a break and get with the current century. Trade in those 8 tracks for some CDs already.

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My husband (50 years old) doesn’t refuse to use it, because he did so – grudgingly – before I moved in with him. Now that I’m here though, he won’t use the computer at all. If his job didn’t require it, he wouldn’t have a cell phone either. He’s kind of a dinosaur when it comes to technology.

It’s sort of coming back to bite him in the ass now. He will probably be unemployed by the end of the year and most employers are looking for some level of computer skills for managers, even in his field (landscaping).

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Obviously not me. I don’t think I could live without a computer, let alone the internet. Believe you me. Well I could, but it would be VERY difficult.

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I met a very eccentric and intelligent 12 year old who told me he hadn’t checked his email in a year because he didn’t like computers. He was probably home schooled or went to an alternative school where they weren’t using computers.

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Talk about creepy! I have an uncle john who hates computers! No cable, computers, cell phone! Scary thought, huh?

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@aanuszekaa: how does he live?!?! Lol jk

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For a long time I had a relative who refused to buy a computer because she thought that computers and the internet were a passing fad. She has since given in.

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