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Do steel toe boots feel less/more comfortable?

Asked by Ria777 (2687points) November 26th, 2008

than other kinds, I mean?

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You don’t feel the steel toe if you wear the right size. It’s just a steel dome over your toes. I find them to be heavier for the first day, but it’s not uncomfortably so.

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My husband wears Red Wing workboots. He loves them. They are pricey, but worth it….you can have them reconditioned/resoled, if needed.
A pair will last my husband about 3 years.

This it the kind he wears: link

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Taller boots redistribute the weight of the boot better. I had some short steel toe boots and they made my shins hurt. I got some considerably taller and it cured that problem.

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There less comfortable when not needed but more comfortable when you drop something on your toes.
Look for a composit “steel” toe there lighter and accepted on a lot of the same jobsites.

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they do feel less comfortable if your walking a lot

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As with any footwear, good fit and good quality are important. As mentioned, the steel toes themselves have no affect on comfort. The shorter boots can irritate your tendon unless they are well padded.

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