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What's a Flutherite's desktop look like?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2551points) November 26th, 2008

I would ask “What’s in a Flutherite’s dock?,” but I want to include the PC users, too. Upload a screenshot, unless you want to enlighten us with your typed description of your desktop.

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RandomMrdan's avatar is my 22in Samsung Monitor is my 17in imac.

I have the 17in to the right of my Samsung monitor. It looks a bit like this photo here…but I’ve sold the 20in imac a while back, and recently picked up a white 17in imac for 160 dollars =)

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@RandomMrdan: I have the same wallpaper as you (17” iMac one).

My Desktop never has anything but my HD icon on it, which has been customised to look like a classic Mac with ‘hello’ written on it, à la the first Macintosh ad. And the Dock of course. I would show you a screen grab, but that would take some effort and I’m too sleepy for that…

My dock goes (from Left to Right): Finder, Time Machine, Dashboard, Final Cut, Pages, WouldjaDraw, iTunes, Safari, Adium, iCal, Mail, Applications stack, Trash.

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My desktop looks like this.

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I have an assortment of beautiful pictures, some found online and others taken by me or someone in my family. Some are seasonal and others are just great pictures. I’ve set most of them in a wide border so I can distribute icons on them and not obscure either the icons or the picture. I change them often. Right now there is a gorgeous shot of autumn gourds that looks a bit like this. Soon I will exchange it for a nostalgic snowscape such as I haven’t seen in many a year. (And yes, I loved them when I lived in snow country and never got sick of them.)

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Mine looks like this. Kind of boring I know, but I like the texture of the painted wood and the color is pretty too.

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@Allie: I like that one!

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Still, uber? I didn’t know you’d like it that much.

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mine is a picture of me with a buddhist monk

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@allie its not that i loved it that much, its just ive been too damn lazy to change it.

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@Allie: Is having your dock on the left or right actually common? I can’t stand it, but that’s the second screen grab with it on the left, I didn’t know people actually used that!

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bluemukaki: I used to have it on the bottom, then I changed it. I don’t remember why I changed it. Maybe I just wanted a switch. It grew on me though and I quite like it now.

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@ Allie, +1 for bad touch.

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@Allie Ok i changed it
nahh its actually this

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uber: Pink: good. Octopus: good. Justice: good. I approve. Although I approved of the <3 one too.

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@bluemukaki I recently switched to the left because my 22in samsung is my primary display, and I got tired of my dock enlarging icons if I scrolled my mouse over the bottom of a webpage or something. So I just moved it completely out of the way, and now I can stretch any window open all the way to the bottom without interference.

The first time I saw it, I was completely confused and thought they were weird. But I finally adopted it and realize it’s way better =)

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I’d put up a screen grab but my desktop is SO messy now that I’ll have to put an image here once it’s cleaned up. So text only description.

I’m running a 1920×1200 display on a 17 inch laptop screen, which means I have a lot of space but things are pretty tiny. I’m running Windows XP. I have my taskbar mounted onto the left side of my screen because I usually open a lot of windows, and having them listed down is easier than having them all out in a long line, or even worse, Windows doing that “stack same programs into one taskbar item” thing. I’m using the plain XP Silver theme.

My desktop image is a macro picture my mother took of a wet rose, very beautiful. I always use my own photography as my desktop, it’s another way for people to see it and for me to share my art.

I also have my media computer, twin 17 inch monitors running 1280×1024, and that’s linked to a 37 inch Westinghouse wall-mounted monitor/tv with no cable box. But that computer’s desktop is pretty bland as I don’t spend a lot of time on it.

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Running on a Dell 24” Widescreen and my Macbook’s built-in display, my Desktop is arranged into two spaces, Web and Design .

I use the preview of Hyperspaces to switch up the wallpapers between spaces (why this isn’t baked into Spaces in Leopard I’m not sure!).

The menu bar shows (left to right) Adium (IM Client), Dropbox (Sync’d storage), Hyperspaces (Spaces tweaking), Evernote (Sync’d notes), Caffeine (Stop screen dim / sleep), Quicksilver (App launcher and more), Soundsource (Select sound input / outputs – Screenshot ), Apple’s Time Machine (backup util), Apple Bluetooth, Wifi indicators, Battery Indicator, Fuzzyclock (Friendly clock replacement), Spotlight search (Apple).

The Web desktop features iStat Pro system monitoring, Twhirl (Twitter client for my private account, transparent when inactive), iTunesVolume (iTunes controller with ‘now playing’ bubble), Adium (Multi-protocol IM Client), Tweetdeck (Tri-pane Twitter client for my Public account), and of course Firefox browsing Fluther !

The Design desktop runs the same, but Firefox and e-mail browser are hidden away, and additionally Adobe AIR Apps Klok (Time tracking with Excel output) and Kuler (Colour palette inspiration and management).

Because I use Quicksilver, you’ll notice my Dock only features apps that are currently running, as well as the following stacks:

• GeekTools – shortcut aliases to Activity Monitor, Terminal, Console, Disk Utility etc

• Design Tools – stack of a folder containing textures, guidelines and UI elements for quick access

• Downloads stack

Dropbox (Sync’d storage) folder.

You did ask!

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Here it is. I was in the middle of stress testing (3.7ghz stable overclock =P, might go to 4 if the air cooling can take it), so pardon the open windows. I don’t have too much on the desktop, just a few programs I use way too much. I like to change the background everyday, or any time I find a really cool 1680×1050 image.

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My Dock consists of nothing more then: Finder, Trash Can, Safari, Word, Pages, Photoshop, iTunes, Stickies, A Stack of my Pictures folder, Documents folder, Applications folder, and Utilities folder. My desktop background is just flat black, with a single icon on the “desktop.” My menu bar, however, is a convoluted mess of plugins and shortcuts. Let’s just say I have so much crap up there ^ I have to truncate most of my menu options.
This holds true for all three of my Macs.
As for my Vista machine? It looks like a 5 year old decided to drag every single folder out of the Windows dir and onto the desktop. The background is one of my really old photos.

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I never heard of tinypic, but I see it in some posts above. I just tried it and managed to do this (I think):

Here’s what my very busy desktop looks like today, and here’s what it will probably look like tomorrow.

Hey, that worked!

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Damn… Windows 98?

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@Jeruba: How do you find anything on there? My eyes would get confused ; )

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No, not 98. It’s XP. I just hate that ugly cartoony XP-style desktop, so I change it to “classic.” (I have to do this several times a week because about half the time the desktop reverts to XP style overnight. I don’t understand this. It never happens on my work computer, also XP.)

I can find stuff the same way I find it on my real desktop: because I know where it is. If it were all shuffled away in folders, I would never find anything.

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??! The little message in the corner just told me: “You look good today, but your desk is a mess.” Can it see me?

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Here’s the screenshot.

And the details:
Dock: Finder (duh), Firefox, iTunes, Stickies, iCal, Adium
Menu bar: iScrobbler, YouControl Tunes, Caffeine, Airport, Bluetooth, battery, clock, Spotlight
Folder icons: World of Aqua Folders and World of Aqua 3
Folder arrangement: Kinkless Desktop (modified for my purposes, of course)

I use a secondary monitor when I’m at my desk, but I don’t keep anything on it for very long other than an open iTunes window and/or iCal.

When I’m running iTunes, I’ll also have lyrics showing in the background (on the primary monitor) with DesktopLyrics, lyrics courtesy of the Harmonic dashboard widget.

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A screenshot of my desktop at the moment (zoomed out to an application overview).

Usually when I have that many windows open I spread them across two or more virtual desktops though.

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@Vincentt, you must have fabulous eyesight.

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@jeruba Vincentt had his view in what would be similar to the “expose” for apple products..he doesn’t actually work with the windows that small, once he clicks on one, they will all go back to normal size again.

It looks like he’s using linux, or something of the sort.

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Here’s minebigger resolution (1600×1200)

It’s a Gnome Desktop (ubuntu/linux). Running apps are Gwibber my Twitter client, Terminal, and some screenlets.

I love that background @aidje! What’s it called?

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yay more ubuntu :)

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@RandomMrdan – heh, right, it’s like Expose indeed. Not that I would mind fabulous eyesight :P. I just showed them zoomed out because I thought that would make for a more interesting screenshot than one where Fluther takes up 8/9 of the image ;-)

It’s Xubuntu I’m running. :)

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@uberbatman – yup. :) One of the better distributions imho.

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I know I’m super late to the party, but here’s mine. It’s Ubuntu running on a tiny little 7” screen. I have to hide all the stuff.

I’m getting a new laptop soon, though. I can’t wait to make it pretty. Lifehacker’s flickr group has some incredible desktop inspiration on it.

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Meh, I’ll join the party too.

The dock:
– Finder
– Dashboard
– Mail
– Safari
– Address Book
– iCal
– Terminal
CSSEdit 2
– Aperture
– Preview
– Photoshop
– Illustrator
Spotify (I have invites if anyone wants them)
– iChat
– Applications Stack
– Downloads Stack (That’s a picture of my dog on the top)
– Trash

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Oh, and the menu bar has (left to right) the scrobbler, Twitterrific, Anxiety, and Connect360. The rest are Apple apps.

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I keep my desktop empty, except for a folder called desktop and Leopard HD. Wallpaper provided by desktoptopia. Screenshot. I seriously need to clean up my menu bar thou.

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@justin: I like that idea!

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@justin: Me too, I only have the HD and files I’m actively working with on my Desktop. How did you get the rounded menu-bar corners in Leopard?

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I finally figured out how to do this thanks to my daughter! Here is mine.

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@justin5824 thats almost what like what i used to do on windows. I would keep my desktop empty except on folder that was invisible and was named some blank character. But i would always hide it on like a key part of the background picture.

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@augustlan: whoa!! you use AOL?! I didn’t even know it still existed.

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@tone: Yeah, I know. I am too lazy to switch to something better. I guess I’m getting to be a dinosaur!

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My desktop styles differ with my workload. During the academic year, I like my desktop to be fairly clean, so it’s the fastest @ startup and I can find whatever I want fairly quickly.
current vista
current xp

during breaks, i’ll play around by adding different gadgets etc.
here’s my favorite xp

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adam green of course
ps that’s a sims game icon i circled and noted. i felt that it had to be justified [;

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I use DisplayFusion so that I can different desktops on each of my monitors or span a large one accross them both. It also rotates them at a given interval. It can even connect to flickr and grab images on the fly.

I have my left screen rotate between random flickr images and my right screen rotate between a selection I have on my hard drive.

This is what it looks like right now but it won’t in 5mins time :)

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