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If you load a movie on the internets, will it still play if you have no internet connection?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8258points) November 26th, 2008

I’m about to fly home for Thanksgiving, and the flight is rather long, so I’d like to watch a movie. If I load one off of a website before I leave, will it play once I’m in the air, not connected to the internet? The movie will be fully buffered.

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The internets can be very mysterious when it comes to large files… best to save it to your computer if you can.

Most likely, if whatever site you’re watching the movie on doesn’t allow you to download it, they are probably using a method that breaks the file into portions and sends them as needed. Whether they break it into chunks or actually stream it would just depend on the site I guess.

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It depends. How many internets are you loading it on?

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What browser are you using? Try getting the flv file (or whatever the source file is) and download that.

can i has internets now?

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If you’re down-loading a movie off the internet into a browser, chances are it’s being loaded into the browser’s cache files; however, with some media types, as soon as the browser loses internet connection, the video loses its certificate and needs to reload into the buffer before playing again…it’s built in to the metadata for that movie file.

Good news is, if it’s a flash video, there are programs that will enable you to rip the file onto the computer’s hard drive. On Mac OS X, one such program is called TubeTV. You can search the internets for that one-it’s open source. If it’s QuickTime (.mov), QuickTime Pro ($29) will enable the same save function (not the free player version).

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For clarification: Using Firefox on a Mac OS X. I’m probably deciding to just purchase one off iTunes with the extra gift certificate money I have.

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If you use safari, you can go to Activity, Alt+Cmd+A and doubleclick the file from the list. It’s normally the biggest file in the list.

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Yes, if it’s already loaded. For example, a youtube video. If you are connected to the internet and let it load completely, then disconnect, it will still play because it is already loaded.

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I use the same combination, TitsMcGhee. Often, I’ll open a tab, pause a video while it loads, then watch the video when I’m less busy. I can watch the video days later if I so choose. Just make sure that the video fully loads before disconnecting.

I take it that when you open a page on Youtube, the video is actually temporarily saved to your hard drive. The video is automatically deleted when you navigate away from the page or close it.

If you don’t believe me, test it out!

Alternatively, you can rip each video off of Youtube. or are handy (but can be a pain when ripping multiple videos – maybe look into the program that sndfreQ recommended).

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once the movie is kept in memory.It should play without connection on line…

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Yeap you will be able to play it once you have streamed it. Just remember not to close your browser, Just in case.

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