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Ps3 help!

Asked by FiRE_MaN (684points) November 27th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m at my grandmas house and I brought my ps3. But it won’t display video or sound on any tv. Does anyone know why?? Usually when I am home I have the hd cables hooked up to it. The only reason I can think of is because under settings on my ps3 I have the output set to the hd. I’m using
The original video cable that came with it.
When I first got it I tried to use my ps2 hd cable but it would only do sound. If by some very small chance I have the ps2 video cable would this be the problem?

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If you’re hooking it up to a non-HD TV (SD), then you need to use the composite cable (as opposed to the Component cable used for HD). It has 3 RCA connectors on the TV end (2 audio and one video). If you didn’t bring it, you’re SOL. If you have an old connecting cable from a PS2 handy, you could use that.

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I have the composit cable that came with the ps3 Dx and it’s not working.

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I’ve had this problem before when switching from hdmi cables to the av cables.

Just hold down the front power button for about 5 seconds or until you hear the system beep and it should work for you :)

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unfortunetly that didn’t work :( but what does that do?

Could I possably have a bad cable?

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Let the downfall of Fluther commence.

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Anything is possible. If you have the correct cable, connected correctly (yellow is video), then you must make sure that the PS3 is set to use composite output – but of course you won’t be able to see the menus, so I think that’s what the other guy was recommending. If you hold down the power button, it’ll reset the video settings (I think). Google it to find out for sure.

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damn i’m sorry man. i was really thinking that would work. yeah I would search on google. I think that’s how I found out how to fix it when the same thing happened to me.

Or if you have another av cable set try to use that and see if that changes anything. Hope it works out for you. good luck

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You can try doing a hard reset.

*** Please note, this is generally considered a last resort ***

You can find the info HERE

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