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Please share your funny Thanksgiving stories here...

Asked by Snoopy (5793points) November 27th, 2008

Did someone forget to pull the bag of stuff out of the turkey before cooking?

Was there something that didn’t seem funny at the time, but now it is…?

For my family…there was what will forever be known as “Black Thanksgiving”. A rather voracious little bug swept through the family over a loooooooong weekend at grandma’s house. All of us were too sick to leave…so we were trapped. W/ only two bathrooms. Lots of people. Oh my.

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Well, we had the day of the overbrined turkey. That was interesting; death by thirst.

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OK, this is funny but also gross. I don’t know how it started but my partner’s family always has an eating contest, or an eating challenge of some sort, though luckily only one or two people participate and the girls get a free pass (or at least one hasn’t been challenged so far). Last year my partner had to take on a cheese ball (literally a ball of cheese scraps from the cheese platter) topped with a can of oysters. He had a few bites before throwing in the towel and it haunts him to this day. Another one was a dessert eating contest between two brothers, after having eaten a full turkey dinner. Another was a full helping of food. They seem to love thinking up more and more challenging challenges as the years go by…

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Well it hasn’t happened yet, but my uncle and I will be building a HUGE igoo and snow castle. I’m Toronto right now and there is a ton of snow!!!

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oooooh. I love snow. I am so jealous, comedian

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Funny in retrospect: the year my mother (over)cooked the turkey inside a brown paper bag and when she placed the turkey + silver platter on the table the entire bird completely fell apart. No carving necessary that year!

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A long time ago, my cousin who was 7 at the time, had a bad speech impediment. He went on to say “Last year I ate 8 turkeys!” and my mom asked “How do you eat 8 turkeys?” and my cousin responded “You get your fork and knife and you eat it!” Since he had a speech impediment, it sounded exactly like he said “You get your fucking knife and you eat it!” Everyone at the table was shocked, until later we realized he said fork and knife. Now to this day, we ask for our “fucking knife”.

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@snoopy:so much for gobal warming. I guess it really is gobal climate change.

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Hey Comedian you’re pretty close to me now, Ottawa’s only a few hours if you speed :)
In actuality the winter we’re going to see this year is forecasted to be pretty much an average winter with average temperatures. Last year it snowed all the time, the year before that we were waiting to see if it would snow on Christmas or not!! Snow around November, hopefully it’ll mean an early spring…... I can hope. I’m not snow’s biggest fan.

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Watch out duo. The Leafs are going to kick Ottawa’s butt tonight! Actually we’re like 2 points away from the bottom, but I’m still a dedicated fan!!! OUR DAY WILL COME!!! MUWAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yup, keep on wishing for those Leafs, you might get there with enough hope. The Sens will be waiting at the finish line for em with fresh towels and some of this shampoo :P

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I know they aren’t the best, but that was low dynamic. There is low and there there was that comment.

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When I was little my step-uncle fell asleep at the table… at the time I thought this was hilarious, ended up it was because he was a dope fiend… and yet I still find it funny! Thank god I’m not directly related to that man. Crazy!

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My ex-mother-in-law cooked a turkey in a paper bag one year, and forgot to oil the bag. It caught on fire. My ex-husband once put a sweet potato casserole topped with marshmallows in the broiler and promptly forget it was in there. It caught on fire. See why they’re my exes? Damn bunch of pyros!

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Ok dynamic. You win this round.But we will have our day!!! YOU’LL SEE!!! IT WILL COME!!!

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There was the time my Mother-in-law put a basket of rolls in the microwave to warm them up. The problem was that the rolls were wrapped in a napkin with gold metallic threads.
Metal & microwave= sparks and sparks=fire. We heard a rather load roaring sounds, came around the corner to see black smoke pouring from the microwave. My brother-in-law yanked the plug and carried the whole thing outside and hosed it down.

We laughed for hours, and had dinner with no rolls!

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See, it wasn’t low, it was simply factual :)
In reality, I love all teams, especially Canadian ones.

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Judi has been “crafting a response” for at least 24 hours…..must be a whopper.

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My brother-in-law (a bachelor) makes Thanksgiving dinner al by himself. he also makes as many different kinds of dessert as there are people. It’s become a family legend and this year my nieces came over from England just to participate in the legendary dessert eating.

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@janbb. My grandmother did this….she would make a pie or cake from scratch of whatever was our favorite…they all had to be different. Amazing.

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Yup – his is all from scratch too.

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I discovered that my aunt has played Magic the Gathering since it came out, and when she saw that I had cards she forced me to play with her. Other than that, I drank 30 proof eggnog out of a champagne flute, and polished off half of a handle of Captain Jack with my friends.

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