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How much should it cost to have a plumber unclog a bathroom sink?

Asked by ben (8681points) November 27th, 2008

My brother lives in Seattle, and couldn’t do it himself with an auger. What’s a reasonable estimate for how much it should cost?

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Did he try cleaning the trap? Sometimes all it takes is to unhook the trap and clean out the clog inside. I’ve unclogged multiple sinks that way (both kitchen and bathroom).

I should add, I’m no handyman…

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go to home depot,get that chemical that cleans and unclogs,or use a hanger by straightening it and sticking it in the pipe,move it around,and find a butt load of hair.also home depot has a plumbing department that has experienced dudes working there.

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It depends on what is wrong and when he is getting it done.

On a regular day, I would say $75—$100, if it is simple. If he is trying to get it done at night, weekend, holiday….I would say at least double that…

If it is a monumental thing….like taking the sink all apart and getting new parts, etc. I would say $150—$175. Price higher if on off hours as above….

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This question was asked on my behalf. The plumber showed up and quoted me close to $400. I didn’t go for it. Thanks for the estimates.

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Expensive but you could do it yourself. If you want some advice let me know and I can PM you.

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I paid 75.00 for the plumber to come over and replace the trap, and that was including the part. I took less than 1/2 an hour. I certainly don’t make 75.00 a half hour, but I considered it reasonable since I had no idea how to do it.

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@finkelitis. Well no offense, but did you really expect it would be a bargain? On Thanksgiving, taking the plumber away from his family activities?

You will always pay a premium nights, weekends and holidays for that reason.

I would actually be grateful that he didn’t charge you a “show up” fee….as in a minimum, like $50, just to come take a look….

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this one helped me. After all the water slowly drained out I crammed the drain full of baking soda and poured vinegar in the drain. This was from tips from heloise. The vinegar can be warmed if you choose to. About 2 – 4 cups lots of baking soda. Good luck

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I use a $4.00 plastic gadget called Zip-it. It removes the long coils of matted Finkel hair from my bathroom sinks better than an unbent coathanger. I now also have plastic drainer things over the drains in all my showers; they catch the hair before it is washed down the drain itself. I pick up the hairs after each shower.

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I swear by the Zip-it as well. Best $3 piece of plastic ever. Gets hair out of the shower drain in nothing flat. I got mine at Walmart.

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YES! The Zip-it is the real deal. I wrote about this earlier today but deleted it because I
thought the coat hanger would work. Zip-it is amazing. Good for you to forgo the $400
job. Good lord.

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