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As a vegetarian of over seven years, will I get sick from eating the turkey today?

Asked by ezraglenn (3502points) November 27th, 2008

It just looks so good.
Is my body completely unprepared for this?

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I think it would depend. My sister is a vegetarian and she once accidentally has a piece of meat (annoying chef didn’t prepare her meal correctly). She wasn’t sick from it, but she didn’t like it much. Then again, I have a cousin who was a vegetarian, but then started to eat meat again because she was moving to another country and she didn’t want to be a burden. She said it wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but she took it little by little.

If you really want to eat the turkey, I think you should; however, don’t eat an extreme amount at once since you are not sure how your body is going to take it. Just take it little by little and hopefully your body will tell you whether or not it likes it.

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Most likely not. I’ve been veg for 20 years. When I’ve chosen to eat meat (usually bacon) I’ve never gotten sick. The flora in your system should have no probblem digesting meat!! So give thanks and enjoy

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No, you won’t get sick. I haven’t eaten poultry for several years and I recently had some dumplings that I thought were vegetarian (they were chicken) and I didn’t feel it.

Stacy beat me to it

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Thank you all for your help!

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No, from what I’ve read vegetarians can start eating meat (even something like a steak dinner) after not eating meat for a long time to no ill effects. There are no body issues, the only issues are your own mental qualms about eating meat, and since poultry is not as meaty as say steak, you should be fine.

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Do it, enjoy it.

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Poultry isn’t as meaty as steak? Riiighht

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It depends on your body my sister was vegetarian for a few years and had meat for the first time and got a little sick. I heard it’s because you stop creating the enzymes needed to break down the meat. I would still try it though I love turkey!!

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so did you get sick?

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nope, healthy as a… doctor?

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It shouldn’t hurt you at all. Since people are omnivorous, your body knows what to do with meat. Hope you had a great day, and there are vegans out there that eat fish and poultry all the time. Hope this helps.

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My vegan friend at a piece of cheese and claimed to be sick for days.
@tiggers—not sure if people who eat fish and poultry all the time would qualify as vegans
: )

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@emilyrose: You’re right. Vegans are people who do not eat any animal products including eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt and the like. This definitely means no fish or poultry. At best, the people who eat fish and poultry sometimes, but no red meat are simply people who don’t eat red meat.

@tiggersmom: While we are omnivorous, we can lose the enzymes that break down meat if we do not eat it for a while. The last time I had red meat, I was laid out on the couch for the whole day because I hadn’t eaten red meat in at least a year. It is a most unpleasant experience. Fish and poultry, however, are much easier on the system. :)

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C’mon. while some people have sensitivities to processed or genetically altered foods like enrihed flour and peanuts, most of us who think certain foods will make us sick are just talking ourselves into it. The smell/taste of broccoli makes me retch, but give me enough cheese sauce and it goes right down.

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We have so much leftover turkey I am tempted to eat some but I am afraid I won’t stop after that! :-)

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Don’t do it!
(If you do you’d better ease into it w/ A-1 tiny nibble)
Trust me I know.
Your belly will have a filled day w/ you later.
Oh, & I do mean Filled…Bloop-bloop bloop

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Noooooo! Don’t do it! Resist!

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No, you will not get sick. It is a state of mind only. Your body is of course ready for the turkey, but is your mind? You need to consider your reasons behind becoming a vegetarian. Is it as a result of being unable to overcome the thought of eating a dead animal, or was it merely a health decision?

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