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Any quick, funny stories to share about today?

Asked by chicadelplaya (2213points) November 27th, 2008

So it’s Thanksgiving day! Any funny stuff to share??

My quick funny story: I almost spit red wine out of my mouth laughing because my Mom decorated the dinner table with squash that looked like little penises!

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I woke up at 4:00pm and had waffles. Then about 15 minutes ago I ate honey bbq wings for dinner…

“How sad where’s your family? And that’s even more sad if your Thanksgiving only consisted of waffles and wings!”

Fret not, our family Thanksgiving dinner is Saturday!

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This video really made my day!! Filmed in my old stomping grounds, Santa Barbara!
gobble gobble gobble that turkey gobble!!

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This pretty much made my day:

Edited to add: It’s from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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Well, I also have a story: The cat was being super bad all morning, jumping on the table (we’re just training him that he can’t do that) and trying to go into the new roommate’s room (she’s got allergies). So he was finally put until constant surveillance when we went out to check on the bread and butter we’d set up for snacks and he was on the buffet, licking the butter! He didn’t even look guilty or caught!

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My aunt got drunk and passed out, and we carried her half a block home.

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