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Does QuickSilver mess up your Finder?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) November 27th, 2008

Sometimes I’ll click on my Trash icon and it won’t work. Then I try clicking ‘Open in Finder’ in my Stacks, but they won’t open either. However if I click on the Finder dock icon it brings up a new finder window. I always have QuickSilver running when this happens. To fix it, I Force Quit Finder. I’ve quit QS and I’m going to see if it happens without it running. Has this ever happened to you?

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I’ve never had any such problems, and I’m always running QS.

Have you found a reliable way to reproduce the problem?

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Not for me. I have never heard of this happening, but QS is such an intergraded system, something else could be messing it up, thus, messing up finder.

Most of the stuff I do on my Mac I use keyboard shortcuts for, so if those ever stopped working, I would explode, or send the laptop through a window, screaming.

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Quicksilver sometimes hangs for me, but never interferes with the running of the Finder.

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I’ve never had a problem with Quicksilver messing up the Finder on my Mac.

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I’m not a Quicksilver lover. I like Butler. Try it. I think it’s way better. Contextual menus from the menu bar and keyboard shortcuts. It ROCKS!

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I would also have to suggest that this issure might be another application running in the back. Are there any apps that you have installed that edit the look and feel of the finder? I can’t say that is sounds like a Quicksilver problem as the finder and it are not bound together.

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