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What is Fluther?

Asked by bostonbeliever (383points) November 28th, 2008

This seems a LOT like Yahoo Answers, only nicer.
Is there any difference?

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When you google a question, it will usually lead to yahoo’s.
I prefer the fluther’s layout that the plain YahooAnswer.
The “forumers” in YA are more global whereas forumers in fluther are usually from America ( correct me if im wrong)
I am not aware of YA having any lurve system. It is only related to a post and cannot be accumulated ( correct me if im wrong)
I think YA’s subjects are more broad and you probably will get more technical question answered.

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What isn’t fluther?

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It ISN’T the next big thing.
And I’m doing an essay on Fluther, so if I could get real answers that would be preferable.

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Drat uber beat me.

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It’s not the next big thing? To those who say that, I say…shut up

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I’ll post my essay, and you can see why it won’t overtake Wikipedia as the go-to answer site.
btw only one person, me, said that, so to do a call-out to “those” is misleading.
perhaps you might want to rewrite that as “To he who says that…”

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Fluther is very different than wiki—in fact, we try to lead people who ask questions readily answered by other sources (google, wiki, imdb) to those services.

However, there’s an entire corpus of questions, especially those requiring advice or personal experience, that wiki will never be able to answer.

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@boston: it is a line from The Drowsy Chaperone. Don’t take things so seriously.

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@Boston: Fluther isn’t a go-to answers site. It’s a web community for sharing opinions.

p.s. Essay, huh?

p.p.s. Interesting first-impression technique.

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It isn’t the next big thing because it is the big thing already. We are a community of people helping other people find answers to their questions, giving advice and sharing certain aspects of our lives which one another.

We are over 10 thousand strong and growing daily. We aren’t trying to overtake any other site. The fact that we leave several others in the dust is something that just happened naturally.

Stick around long enough to get to know us and you’ll see why I say that. if you choose not to stick around, you will have lost out on a great opportunity to interact with some wonderful people, and learn something new each day.

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We’re like one big happy family. Though we kind of sound like an army now.


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Obviously it won’t cause we will need to wait for replies from the right flutherers whereas wikipedia information is available 24/7 on the web. I would say Fluther is a forum and that it serves as a site for people to contribute their views and ideas on the topics. They are both different thing altogether. One big difference is you won’t wiki for topics like ” Do you think the asian countries economy will go into deep recession?” I doubt there will be answer to that. I believe some forumers will have different perspective on this matter and will contribute them in the forum. This is place to collect different ideas from different point of views and weight them to determind which are sound and which are not. Wikipedia is knowledge is more fact based, probably even bias to a certain extend.

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Fluther is the best greatest!

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We’re basically awesome.

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Look at the questions asked here. You’ll get an idea that we’re not going to overtake wiki, because that’s not what we’re about. We ask, answer and discuss issues large and small.

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exactly, augustlan.

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personal. it’s just very personal. welcome to fluther!

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It’s more like a super polite, grammatically correct, trivia/knowledge/personal experience based discussion group than anything else.

Think more like a group of friends talking about everything in a bar compared to a hand-written encyclopedia being sold out of the back of a van by some guy in a stained suit.

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me and my wife’s new addiction!
flutherites ftw!

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What does ftw mean?

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“for the win”

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It’s true what everyone is saying. I come to fluther for everything I can’t find in a Wiki (or is to difficult to find in a Wiki \ Web Search) or just general advice for stuff that no Wiki could ever answer, like personal questions about mental health (“I just broke up with my Boyfriend, what do I do?” or “I think I love her, but how do I know?”) or obscure questions, like “I want a good, healthy meal for my family: Any ideas?” or “Does anyone play Dungeons and Dragons anymore?”
If I goto the D&D Wiki, they, of course, will say yes, but after asking here, I realize it is a miracle they even bothered with a 4th edition, it seems no one play anymore.

The best part about fluther are the moderators. YahooAnswers has none, thus you get responses to questions in ways like, “uR n00b11!1!1!!!1!! I is H8 uR n00by a$$!” or answers of such a condescending nature, the person that asked it, in a legitimate way, feels like they are worthless, which is a bad thing. If someone has the courage to ask, even if they don’t think they are asking a “dumb” question, they should still have the answer given, or be told politely that they have made a mistake. I suppose that is another key difference between Wikis and Fluther: The moderators. I have read some Wikis that had so many errors, my eyes bleed, but here, if you screw up, ether a moderator will tell you, or someone else will correct you.

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Fluther is a little slice of heaven online.

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Seems like you’re bent on making a snap judgment based on your objective of comparing Fluther to what you perceive as competing services, coupled with a fervor to publish yourself.

All I can say is that a cursory glance is not going to produce an unbiased result. Many from the outside often give a quick, reflexive quip like “it’s a clique-y community” or “it’s no YA;” only with an extended stay (say longer than a week) will one gain a broader perspective-it’s a group of compassionate, diverse individuals that enjoy each other’s company, and appreciate the knowledge sharing, often on a personal level. I have many friends here, old and new, folks I’m not-so fond of but still enjoy reading their perspectives, and I learn something new almost every day from being a part of the collective…

But you’re probably going to go and write whatever you have pictured in your mind…so, whatever. It may do you some good in your research to read some of the Fluther blog posts, as well as the accompanying comments…you’ll probably gain a clearer sense of the quality of people that call this home.

btw you’re welcome to stay awhile too…

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@sndfreQ Well said!!

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@jtv: Lurve for “I is H8 uR n00by a$$!”

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