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Anyone here tongue-tied?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) November 28th, 2008

I believe the term is tongue-tied. I’m the only person I know who is not physically able to stick out his tongue. It’s a genetic variation.
I wanted to see if there were others who are like me in that way.

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You’re talking about the little ‘seam’ thing on the bottom of the tongue being shorter than normal right? My friend had that or at least that’s how he explained it to me and he couldn’t stick his tongue out much further than his bottom lip. It was weird.

I don’t have it, I can touch my nose and the bottom of my chin with ease. :)

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My family always makes fun of my ‘short’ tongue. It’s really not that short, I just can’t stick it out very far. I ripped my frenulum when I was a kid, and I think it healed wrong, or something.

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@Augustlan: I seriously read that as the different kind of frenulum and wondered about your gender status for a solid second before I laughed. Hard. At myself.

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I have short- tougue problem.

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i didn’t know it was referred to as tongue tied though now it seems obvious. but yes, i’m in the club.

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My sister has two boys who were both born tongue tied. Their father is also tongue tied

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@Asmonet: Yeah, I thought afterwards that I should have put the whole name of that particular body part in there!

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I too cannot stick out my tongue past my lips. I’ve gotten plenty of grief for it from my friends.

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I am. There are procedures that can be done to “cut” the tied portion if it problematic. I had the one under my top lip fixed.

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My ex husband, his daughter, and her son all had theirs “clipped” when they were very young. It seems to be a hereditary problem in his family. Fortunately, my daughter wasn’t born with this problem. My ex said clipping his tongue was very painful, and they didn’t numb it at all… owww!!

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