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Anyone have experience with leather soled shoes?

Asked by Spargett (5362points) November 28th, 2008

I recently got a nice pair of handmade shoes. The soles are entirely leather. I’ve noticed a few interesting things about leather soles, such a a slightly slippery feel when wet, and quicker wear in the heels.

Does anyone have any experience with leather soles, as to good care advice?

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Definitely can be slippery—so be warned.

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You DON’T want to get them wet, try and find some spray crap that waterproofs them, as for the wear and tear, it’s just gunna happen, you’ll need to get them resoled every once in a while at a shoe cobbler.

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I really can’t add much more, the other two guys covered it. I use this spay on Vasaline I found at the dollar store for my boots. One other thing to consider is the smell. When they are new, they will smell really bad if you wear them too long, so be warned! Outside of that, I love leather shoes\boots. They are so much more durable then anything I am going to by at Target!

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Use a good leather cream to keep the leather from drying out. And use shoe trees. The leather absorbs moisture from your feet each time you wear your shoes, and dries out after you remove the shoes. While it dries, the leather wants to shrink and crinkle. Shoe trees keep the leather in tension and keep it from deforming.

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