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If I use Microsoft Office can I remove Works from all my computers or is Works riddled with shared files that would cause problems if removed? Also, is there anything in Works worth keeping?

Asked by steve6 (2559points) November 29th, 2008

Is anyone out there?

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Works is a completely separate program. Word and Works share nothing. It is safe to remove.

As for reasons to keep Works… in my option? None. Word has so many features, however most of them are “advanced” and not present in Works. The biggest reason to use Word over Works: Auto-Correct and Spell Check. Both are superior in quality in Word, compared to Works.

Basically, Works is the free version of Word for people that need a word processing program but don’t want to spend 200$ on Word. So, if you have Word, you don’t need Works.

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Thank you. I assume Windows has an uninstall program for Works?

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It should. I know XP does, I am unsure of Vista. If not, you can always try plugging in the install disk and removing it, in that fashion.

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