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How was your thanksgiving?

Asked by applegate (61points) November 29th, 2008
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It was, different. I usually spend it with my HUGE family, and we eat lots of food, watch football, the whole nine yards. Plus I dress nice (AND WARM) cuz my family is from Jersey. Well I moved out of my house when I was 17, I’m now 19 and last year I spent Thanksgiving in Florida with another part of my family, but this year.. Well it was just my boyfriend and I. We’re in the Cayman Islands and they don’t celebrate it here, so we went out to a buffet for lunch, and that was it.. It was really weird. Plus it’s like 80 degrees. It definitely didn’t feel right.

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Fabulous thank you – albeit a little surreal.

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Yes, Gimme and I did spend the day together. To-may-toe/to-ma-toe.

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mine was nice and quiet. just me, my parents, my sis and my daughter at my parents’ house. nothing hectic or dysfunctional this year.

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Fantastic!!! My uncle and I completed our huge igloo and installed carpet and it has a sliding door!!!

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Really great, been spending the past few days in Pennsylvania with the snow. Lovely weather for walks.

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the 2 items that made it absolutely amazing – Apple pie and brownies (eaten separately of course) i didn’t try out the pumpkin pie at all

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Mine was ok. My family is conservative and I had to back slowly away from an admiring discussion about O’Reilly. I don’t want to be ungrateful for a family that is always there and who loves me…but I was very happy to return to my own place yesterday. It takes a lot of effort on my part to reign in the snark and try to be polite for than many hours.

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Nice and quiet. It was just SO and I, so it was easier to cook and for the most part stress free!!

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We had it at our house this year, a change from traveling to downtown pittsburgh to see my aunt and have it there. The only downside is we have all the leftover food.

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Haven’t had it yet. Thursday I was on duty at the hospital for twelve hours. Family coming this afternoon.

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i hate thanksgiving with a passion.

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