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Do cats' whiskers grow back?

Asked by williamsburger (34points) November 15th, 2006
Like, are they just big hairs, or are they more specialized cells that don't grow back? I don't want to experiment on my cat to find out.
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Yes, they do. But not as quickly as regular hair. Plus, they're EXTREMELY sensitive so you're right not to pull them out.
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yes, they do grow back, but it is a really bad idea to cut them, because they are a primary sensory input for cats - they are used to maintain balance and knowledge of surroundings.
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Cats molt out old whiskers and grow in new ones, just like any other sort of hair. They also have a few whisker-like hairs for 'eyebrows', plus a couple on their legs and a few on their sides.

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Yes, what picklez said is true. My brother (who was a cruel child),
cut the whiskers off of two of my neighbors’ cats.

With their newly-shorn whiskers, they kept getting stuck in places.
I think the whiskers help them gauge whether they will fit or not.

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Yes they do. But the whiskers are a way of the cat’s feeling sense so for them to come out it must’ve hurt the cat a lot.

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Yes, I think so.

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I had a young cat, one day show up with most of the whiskers on one side of it’s face chopped short! I was shocked! The young cat had grown up and begun to challenge the older cat, in an attempt to become “Top Cat.” A couple of days later, the other side was chopped short! They were both house cats. The whiskers eventually grew back. The challenging stopped. The younger one, had learned his place in the hierarchy!

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