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Do you think stores overdo the Christmas music?

Asked by jlm11f (12393points) November 29th, 2008

Same Q for radio stations and TV commercials. Example:

Day 1, Hour 1 – “The weather outside is frightful…...Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow!”
Hour 2 – Same song
So on and so forth until Xmas day.

Do you enjoy listening to this music from Black Friday to Xmas since it puts you in the happy holiday spirit OR would you prefer it was present in smaller amounts such as the last week of Xmas so you don’t have to keep plugging your ears to prevent a rise in blood pressure?

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Where do you live where the stores wait until Black Friday? Here I think they start Christmas music the day after Easter. I don’t dislike Christmas music but it has to be December before I can start enjoying it.

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Apologies to The Walrus and all that, but I never want to hear ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ ever again.

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Nah, I love it. But I agree with AstroChuck, it’s gotta be December.

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I don’t want to hear christmas music until the week of christmas. For that reason (and the annoying crowds) I avoid stores at all costs during the holidays. I’d much rather shop online, on my own time.

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@Chuckie – O-H-I-O . and oh my…after Easter…that’s horrible! hmm, actually, maybe it did start after Easter. I went to the mall yesterday after a long time, so perhaps I have managed to avoid it. I don’t dislike Xmas music either. It’s really not about the type of music, I wouldn’t want to hear any song that often. Though how can you keep hearing the music since Easter and then start enjoying it as soon as it hits December? I would think the enjoyment factor would be taken away due to the constant playing.

For example, I really like Rihanna, but the number of times she is played on the radio….

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There’s a radio station here that plays All Christmas music after Halloween. I can only imagine what it must be like to work there, and know that for two months, every working moment would be filled with Frosty, Rudolph and pals.

On the way home from seeing family, I try to time my departure so I can hear the first song they play at midnight that isn’t Christmas music. I picture them picking out just the right one, the one they’ve wanted to hear for two months but weren’t allowed…

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Yes! They all overdo it!
I try to avoid telly and radio at the moment – I don’t want to be sick of the x-mas stuff 2 weeks too soon (as is often the case), so I’m ‘hiding’ from it until I’m ready to get in to it!

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Absolutely! I swear if I hear Santa Baby one more time, I’m going to go postal!!

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Stores overdo Christmas everything.

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My local Target had Christmas stuff out the day after Halloween…

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Ugh. I can’t always avoid it, but I prefer to shop online too. I’ll listen to my own damn music!

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The only Christmas music I listen to is Twisted Christmas

They wait til Black Friday here too.

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I don’t mind the music, but my partner hates hates HATES it.

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Yes. So annoying!

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Robin hates Xmas music?

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Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg…
Batmobile lost a wheel, Joker got away…

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In New York, traditionally, the Christmas season OFFICIALLY begins when Santa makes his appearance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Literally. I’m comfortable with it starting on Black Friday. I like Christmas music and have quite a collection. I especially like the odd ones (ex., Jingle Cats, babies, frogs, etc.)

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P.S. And this is going back to before there WAS such a thing as “Black Friday”!

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Oh, Jingle Cats! Is that the one with the synthesized meows? glee

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I can’t take it in some stores. If it is a loud store and the music is blaring over it – cut the music! yeesh!! I certainly can’t take it if it’s a full month before Christmas. I just enjoy it more, after Thanksgiving.

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@laureth- Not synthesized, real meows. Real annoying too.

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I don’t like christmas music into December, either. Even then, I don’t like sacred mixed with secular music.

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@laureth and the one where the dogs bark out jingle bells. Kinda cute the first time. After that…....

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i work at sams club and we started ours(displays and music) the week of halloween. Before halloweeen! Jesus! i mean i know he’s coming… but damn! We also added xmas cd’s to all our display surround sounds and added boom boxes around the store because i guess the PA system just won’t cut it anymore…. and its a shame i work in electronics.

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Thank God I shop at Costco instead. No music at all!

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I don’t know when Starbucks began playing Christmas music, but I only noticed it today (I work there). I think Starbucks is unique in that there are two stages of the Christmas season, and they seem to both delay the Christmas-sy vibe until it seems appropriate.

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@astrochuck no, batman does. I CANT STAND CHRISTMAS MUSIC eghhh. Not only do they play the hell out of it, but its just not very good music in the first place. Seriously if it was about anything other than christmas people would be like WTF IS THIS SHIT?! is it dec 26th yet?

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Yes, i hate christmas nusic, it’s so annoying!

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