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What deals were so good that someone was trampled to death at Walmart on Black Friday?

Asked by artificialard (2273points) November 29th, 2008

So in the rush to get into Walmart on Black Friday someone was actually trampled to death. Even as the EMTs arrived on scene people were still struggling past the body and people complained as they had to close the store.

This isn’t a rhetorical question – I really want to know what deals could inspire such mass insanity.

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It disgusts me that people would kill someone to save a few dollars. I don’t understand how you could ever live with yourself after that happened. Would you even be able to use that new stereo you bought in the process of killing someone?

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Just what I was asking yesterday:
But I wasn’t even assuming it was the deals. Is it the game?

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Chalk up two more to the body count.

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In answer to your question: NONE

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This is consumerism at its extreme. Shoppers are not human beings, they are consumers. Animals behave in a more civilized way. I image a conversation with my husband. “Hey honey, let’s go to Walmart and off any M.F. that get’s in our way of the blue light special, don’t forget your Glock”.

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Same thing happens everywhere, at an opening of an IKEA store, there were riots outside the store and then the doors were broken down. The damage was so bad they had to call the police then close the store to renovate after the grand opening.

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I always find it shocking that people will wait in line for 4 hours to save 30 dollars on a DVD player. That is about minimum wage.

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It kind of defeats the purpose…..

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This is the sort of thing that terrifies me. Is our nation really so possessed by consumerism and greed that we’ll kill for a few extra dollars?

…And just wait for the real holiday shopping to begin.

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What I want to know is how can someone step on another person and not care? Come on! That is just one reason I don’t go shopping on Black Friday. Ok so I did and it was for Yarn to do some knitting. Haha fool you!

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I saw an ad for the doorbusters at walmart. They had a kitchen aid mixer for around $120, a digital 7” picture frame for $30, a 50” plasma tv for $800 and lots of other stuff.

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There are NO deals ANYWHERE that would be worth risking the life of a human being. My wife told me this story about this recent incident at the Walmart and I was both totally saddened and disgusted.

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Like the media pointed out, there was no “new game” or “must have” new item that came out this year, yet there were a line of maniacs still camped in front of Best Buy all day Thanksgiving day and all night. They must just enjoy the hype, but it sure makes them look stupid.

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