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The Witcher via Parallels on Mac?

Asked by Szarlej (1points) November 30th, 2008

Anybody tried playing The Witcher via Parallels? I don’t want to install Windows via BootCamp only for playing this one game.
If You tried playing this title then please tell me how did it run.
2.53 (alu) MBP + Parallels 4.0 = ?

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Granted, i haven’t got your exact system. Instead i own a Mac Pro with 8 cores and 16GB Ram and even that machine could not run these ‘new’ or ‘advanced’ games. It’s mostly to do with graphic card drivers/virtualisation.

I was very hesitant at first about a bootcamp partition for games. But I don’t regret having made one now that I use it myself. Doesn’t take long to create, my system boots from Mac into Win Vista (bootcamp) in just 2 min, and vice versa. So ‘rebooting’ sounds a lot worse than it actually is. Especially if you consider that you can run every single game at its full potential! With every bit of your hardware being fully utilized.

Hope this sort of helps.

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@meemorize: with a system like that I am surprised that windows doesn’t boot in like 10 seconds!

Bootcamp will always be faster than Parallels. Parallels is good for gaming. Better than VMWare IMHO, but then best way is to install the game and try it!

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@maccmann, yea well. it’s windows :) mac os x boots in roughly 40 secs.

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