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Why so long to connect to internet on Mac after it's been asleep?

Asked by missingbite (7531points) November 30th, 2008

Every time I wake my Macbook up from sleep it takes about 15 seconds to reconnect to the wireless signal and I have to reconnect to my airtunes. Can someone help me figure this out?

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It has to search for networks, connect to it and communicate with the router for some secounds. It’s just how it is i guess.

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I have the same problem with my MacBook Air. I believe it is just something mac does to save battery life. When you close the lid on a Macbook, everything but the little blinking light on the front of the mac, turns off. In that sense the mac can stay in sleep mode for weeks on end, compared to my Vista Laptop that dies if I leave it unplugged and in sleep mode, over night.

I am unaware of an easy way to fix with, not without other apps and scripts and blah, blah, blah. Try heading to the Apple Discussion boards and see if anyone can help you with your Air Tunes problem (as I do not have Air Tunes.)

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Get a Mac… wait this is a Mac problem. Uhhhhh…..

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My head just exploded… too…

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takes just as long on this vista laptop everytime it wakes up from sleep.

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If we have to explain. you wouldn’t’s a CULT thing, think Hippies

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