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Why do Christmas tree lights go dead during storage every year?

Asked by beccabunny59 (42points) November 30th, 2008
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Because they’re mad that you shoved them into that box so rudely; without a care for their happiness and well being?

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Same type, but slightly different tribe than the ones that steal your socks from the dryer so you have no matching pair.

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In most cases it is because, during the storing of the christmas lights, they get bumped and shoved and thrown around, not to mention during the month they are hanging up, they sustain a lot of damage too.

It can also be attributed to Gremlins, Phuka, Nixies and Christmas Ghosts (They want to to get you mad so they can do the whole “Three Ghosts of Christmas” thing to you. They live for that!)

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Post – Christmas depression. Try packing them with a valium in each box.

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A lot of times they just have lost the connection. Pull the bulb and readjust the wires then plug it back in. I’ve also had where the fuse goes bad. If you can find the fuse then you can change that out. Personally I think it’s poor workmanship and they just want you to purchase more light strands.

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Most likely when you replaced the bulbs on the 5 year old string last year that you got from the other 10 year old string that you thought didn’t work anymore they gave you that last dying light that made your house look like crap because you put it in the middle of a huge strand of new sets. Then the night before it was going to die forever you put them away until this year when you found out that they were once again not working. Good luck finding the culpret bulb.

Oh, and by the way: There are new strands that use this crazy new awesome technology called LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). They are brighter, more energy efficient, and best of all last wayyy longer than traditional holiday lighting.

Wait I know what you were going to ask next: “But what are the Cons?!”
There is only one con: they cost a little more. But hey thats not really a con when it saves money in the long run right? Check em out at your local wal-mart, home depot etc.

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@pasca they do seem to be brighter. Figures that the strand we bought last year was a disappointment. It wasn’t bright, and looked like we should have used them for Halloween. This year we can’t afford it but maybe next year we plan on getting some that are better than what we wasted our money on last year. Too bad when we moved all those outdoor decorations we had from Washington didn’t fit on the truck. :(

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Yea, pockets are tight for a lot of people this year (me included). I have been slowly trying to convert to LED strands for a wile. But like I mentioned in the above post, its hard because if you have really nice LED sets next to an old set it looks bad.

PS. I was being dry and sarcastic with that last post. And by no means meant it in a rude way. (I read it over myself and found more harsh than amusing.)

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Great question! I get pissed off every year when it’s time to put up the lights. Just another reason I f**king hate Christmas.

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santa’s revenge?

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The wires in that plastic coating are very, very thin. They tend to break during all that crumbling up to put them away. Just take a lid from a small box and wrap them around the box. They’ll be much happier.

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Pretty sure one of my strings is gonna be daid next year. I didn’t have a tree, so I put lights on two of my big plants. Was having a helluva time getting them off of this one plant so I cut the string of lights into four pieces! I figured I’d rather sacrifice the $2.00 of lights than shock my plant any more than it had been, having to play Christmas Tree this year!

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