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Is there any correlation between getting dry socket after dental surgery, and a woman's hormonal cycle?

Asked by sfgal (283points) August 29th, 2007

I remember years ago hearing/reading that women should avoid dental surgery and/or getting your wisdom teeth out if you have your period, because there is some sort of correlation in incidence of dry socket. It sounds like an old wives tale, but then again I was surprised to learn that flossing actually correlates with a decrease in heart disease, which also sounds like an old wives tale but is actually true. Any other info on this?

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I called my Oral Surgeon and asked him and he said that he has never heard of that being a issue. I would consider him a very good doctor.

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I have never heard of that nor can I even imagine a corelation. In my 18 years of riding an ambulance I have never heard that either… And yes we ask women if they are on their period

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A dry socket occurs when the blood doesn’t clot over the area of bone surrounding the now removed tooth and bacteria gets in there from air, saliva, etc. It usually happens due to excessive rinsing, spitting, smoking, drinking through a straw; opposite gravital suctional pull to the newly opened up area. You should always rest, keeping your blood pressure down, and leave the area alone for 48 hours post surgery. I don’t see how hormonal changes would affect healing. The flossing issue is all about keeping the tissue and bone around your teeth healthy and free of inflammation. Inflammation in your bodily tissue is what causes plaque to build up in your arteries, veins and heart.

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