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What don't you like about video game systems?

Asked by mcfox12 (8points) November 30th, 2008
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What Kiev749 said (even though I’ve yet to encounter it), and: Controllers can be limiting, new models will come out that are superior, yet rather than being able to upgrade you have to buy a whole new console if you want it, the nonsense about the cables, etc.

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Each of those represent 60$ I dropped on a game that was worth 1$ at most….
and The companies that made the consoles. With the exception of Nintendo.
Sony makes their SDK’s to costly, their controllers are frail POSs and cost as much or more then a game. And all the cables to get a good experience out of the 360 or PS3 cost as much as two new consoles!

So, I guess to summarize, I hate the cost of it all. Now I know why most kids I know wait for the next gen to come out until they get the current gen.

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Too expensive.

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I like one system. The Wii. It’s small and not in the way. I married a guy that loves games and my kids like the games. Personally, I hate the cords…and everything that has been named, above. I hate the space they are currently taking up in our entertainment system…and I really get annoyed that my husband, the pack rat has every system he’s ever owned…down to pong. (ok, so we plug pong in and play it sometimes.) I’m talking atari 2600, NES, super nintendo, nintendo 64, game cube, Wii, play station 1 & 2, sega genesis, atari jaguar, XBox and XBox 360, dreamcast…and then there are the various handheld games – not in this category…oh yeah and the PC games. BLAH!!! He’s a junkie.

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Uhm, I can tell you what I don’t like about pretty much anything, but I cannot tell you anything that really bothers me about anything. So.

I don’t like that they; use power, make noise, consume time, gives me headaches if I play them for several hours without drinking any water, take up space, cost money, don’t produce money or chocolate-milk for that matter, cannot be mind controlled, don’t work well underwater, don’t make me eggs for breakfast.

Now does any of this bother me in particular?

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I agree with jtvoar16 and uberbatman. Remember how the Wii was supposed to be a budget console?

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I was like that too, for the longest time. But then I downloaded 16gigs worth of emulators for all the old systems, and gave my stuff away. Why not try to convince him of the same? There is no difference playing them on the PC, then there is on the TV. Hell, nowa’ days you can buy controls that plug into the PC just like the old ones, for cheap, and connecting a PC to a TV is easier then connecting it to the monitor that came with the computer!

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@jtoar16 – he is laughing…like a crazy man, right now! I’ll take that as a no. I know he (I am going to sound like an idiot here…I don’t know a lot about this) some emulators, but he swears it’s not the same. He has promised that he will move them into “manland” when he finishes the remodel in the garage. That’s fine, he can keep those, I guess he could have worse habits. :)

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I don’t really like hanging out with people when they are playing their video game systems. I will play every now and then but video games bore me to death. I would rather watch the history channel than play a video game system.

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I though he would react that way. I did for the longest time too, until I realized I could do so much more with emulators. However, if he has a place to put them so they are out of your way, then I don’t see a problem. I didn’t have the space any longer, so out they went. I do admit I miss some of the novelty of plugging in the coaxial cable to a 12-inch tube TV, but I much more like seeing Link’s head (although pixilated) in HD on my LCD!
Sorry I got you laughed at!

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@jtvoar – it’s ok…although I might not be able to lurve you now! ;)

ok, so I’m lurving you. you did manage to help me crack a smile!

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Don’t think nothing of it! Most people look at me and laugh! Or vomit, depending on the day… I get a lot of /pointing at me and screaming, “There is no God! Kill It! Kill It!”

Glad I could help!

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For first person shooters I find it more difficult on a game council to aim. On a PC I feel that I have more control and accuracy where I look.

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That is something I do like about new game systems. A lot of games coming out on the PS3 (even some one that have already come out) allow the use of a mouse and a keyboard to control the game!

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I don’t hate the video game systems but the people defending them like they are divine or somethin. Some people seem to think that only one console can be the winner, when the truth is that they all are great at certain things.

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Rightly So! Very well said!

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@queo – nice answer. I’ve had a Playstation 3 for about a year now and I’ve used it very little in that time. I bought a Nintendo Wii about 3 weeks ago and I’ve used it for at least an hour a day, every day, since I’ve bought it. It is one of the most entertaining video game systems I’ve every owned. And this is coming from someone who started on the Atari 2600 and has owned everything inbetween.

Maybe the only thing I don’t like about video games systems is the cost of games and the consoles themselves (at least until the prices come down) and also that the release dates for games are very uncertain. You expect a nice game to come out on a listed date and then you hear it is being pushed back another year or next Spring or Summer or late 3rd quarter or whatever.

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How though? I bought a Wii two years ago and I play it less than two hours a month. There is just no replay value to it.

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I play the sports games all the time and my wife and I use the Wii Fit on a pretty regular basis. I like the interactivity of the controls and the residual exercise I can get from playing some of the games. As far as replay value, it would depend on certain types of games and how much appeal they have to different people.

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I use my PS3 all the time. Both for games and for movies.
I use my XBox 360 about once a month, maybe two if my friends come over
I use my Wii when ever my young friends come over, or whenever I need to play some old school SNES.

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I think its just a matter of power in this case. I’m a hardcore gamer and the Wii just doesn’t cut it for me.

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I hate the 360 controllers, having grown up with the Playstation 1.
On the other hand, the Sony company itself has much to say for itself.
If we’re including computers, incompatibilities are annoying when setting up large LAN events.

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the prices are idiotic and the fact that you can’t just buy one game and play them on any console is moronic. i’m sick of having to double up on every game just so my husband and i can play together. we’re always on live multiplayer games so it’s difficult to share unless the game allows for multiple gamers on one console.

the wii is cool, but mostly for exercise which i can do on my own or on my ddr on xbox. so it’s pretty useless.

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The price, which is why I always wait awhile to buy a new system, both because the price always goes down with time, and to see if a large number of worthwhile games will come out for it.

to this day, I have only 4 systems: Atari 2600, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Playstation 2. I chose all 4 based on the fact they all have huge libraries of well respected and fun games. None were bought new.

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Emulators are great for the casual gamer, and there are certain features that aren’t available on the original systems. That said, to the game connoisseur, there isn’t any comparison. Many emulated games have graphic rendering issues, which reduces enjoyment, but the real issue is controller response time.

When using a USB controller, the input goes through the USB into the computer and is then interpreted by the computer’s processor into usable data for the emulator which them registers the appropriate button-push. Through these steps, there is a short, yet very noticeable lag time. One of the best things about old games was the simplicity of the hardware. Button response time was always lightning fast.

For a casual player, money and space limitations make a strong argument for the emulator, but for the person who really enjoys old games, there really is no comparison.

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