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Who still uses a land line telephone?

Asked by BCarlyle (392points) November 15th, 2006
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Nope. Not for 5 years.
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My parents do, but only because they live somewhere that still doesn't have good cell coverage.
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I also live in a rural. sparsely-populated hilly area w. terrible coverage. I can stand on the roof of my car in order to get one bar, briefly. But I get 20 acres of land and gorgeous vistas, fauna and flora so it is a trade-off. No cable either so still have dial-up for computer.
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I don't use it often, but whenever I do, it amazes me how much better it is any cell phone. Sigh.
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Yeah...we do. Have thought about just have cell phones but considering how easily I misplace things, it's good to have access to a p hone that doesn't get lost.
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i have one! I use it before 9pm when my cellphone minutes are free. quality is better and I never drop calls.
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We have a landline because we can get calls on it without any charges to us. Also, if the electricity and cellphones went out, a landline with a cord might still work.
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I don't have a landline, but like Ben, I miss the clarity of the connection. If one cell phone company had clarity like that, I'd switch to them in a heartbeat.
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Nobody's claiming landline phones are linked to brain cancer. (from my hubby)
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I always use a land line at work because the clarity is much better. There are many parts of the US with poor cell phone reception where people still use land lines - basically rural states away from major freeways.
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if you are a documentarian (or a spy) and you need to record a conversation, a landline is the way to go.
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My daughter just moved to Chicago and her building is OLD heavy duty concrete where she has NO cellphone service at all inside. We put in a landline that has unlimited free long-distance since that's what we are all used to on our cells these days!
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I do for dsl.
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Vital to have a landline w. a cord in areas w. many power outages...usually rural w. lots of old trees and heavily wooded. It happens here (near Berkshires) regularly.
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might also be good for frequent calls overseas during the day.
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also, when the apocalypse comes your cellphone probably won't work. a landline, however, just might.
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I live in SF (not rural) and ONLY have a landline. In fact my partner and I share it. Hey $3/month beats whatever two cell phones would be. If we're not here, leave a message.
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I also only have a landline. For $41 a month though, not $3. I feel ripped off.
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i'd feel ripped off too!
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Your mom. Seriously.

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I’m using something called Talkspot with Rogers. Whenever I’m at home I get free local calling. Mmm..

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