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Have you ever realised that everyone hates you?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) November 30th, 2008

Do you think people can operate in a social environment being completely unaware that everyone dislikes them?

I suppose it would occur in a ‘bitchy’ environment where people are not honest with each other to their faces etc.

Is it possible?

(and yes, this is a very random question, the story behind it is long and nowhere near as interesting as you may be imagining, not to mention it requires me admitting that I watched a film with Linday Lohan in it. I feel so dirty…)

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Well, I always just sort of knew it from the get-go.

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that title just totally lowered my self-esteem

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I think to say that EVERYONE hates you is a little far fetched.

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I think I operate under the assumption (I know what happens when you assume) that people may not like me and that’s ok. I don’t get too wrapped up in whether or not people like me – I’m just appreciative for the people that truly like me for who I am.

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I don’t know what you’re talking about, everybody loves me.

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No, but I have realized I hate everyone.
With some exceptions of course.

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I dislike most people I meet, so I couldn’t care less about most of them liking me or not.

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I don’t think it’s possible to be entirely oblivious. Some people seem like they are, when in hostile environments, but I think that that is just a defense mechanism. Eventually they’d crumble. Humans are social creatures.

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In my experience, most people that are hated by everybody aren’t necessarily oblivious…they just don’t care.

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I just kinda have this strong dislike for everyone and figured that’s how people felt about me. Not hate. Now I’m bummed. Thanks a lot.

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@ AC I don’t hate you, nor do I dislike you.

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I like most people, unless they fight with me. Of course, they all hate me. We could go down the list and I would explain why, but that would only make you all hate me more. Well, perhaps hate isn’t quite right. It’s more like indifference, which is far worse!

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Yep! I walked away from the situation. It wasn’t worth the energy at that point.

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what movie? And I agree w/ Elumas, everyone lurves me too :) i pay them to be my friend

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I’ve never had that experience. Everyone likes me… I mean, they must, right, because they’re usually… well ok, some people hate me. But most people… well, you’d think they would be a little nicer, unless… wait a minute…

Oh my god. Everyone does hate me.

I’ve got to go.

[sound of weeping]

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Wow! I just realized that I’m in a better position than most of you. I already believed that everyone hates me. For most of you, this must be a huge shock. Welcome to DepressionLand™, your gateway to despair, cynicism, and constant negativity. Admission is free!

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I think haters are L A M E.

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* high-fives daloon *

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I’m a hater, but I only hate for all the right reasons. :D

Pretty much, to be clearer, I hate people who hate. And that’s practically everyone. :(

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It is going on in my office now. The person is oblivious. She doesnt even try to make things better. I have tried to like her, but cant.

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@TKS: Yeah, Dude! Dark humor ROCKS!!!

never mind that I’m not really into rock and much prefer jazz and free improvisation, I mean, get real!
Dark humor JAZZES?!?

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Whoo! I hate you, man! :D

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I hate all of you.~

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@pete Me?

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@TKS and anyone else to whom this might apply Cool, Dude. You’ve reconfirmed my faith in the order of the universe!

Now I can sleep better, knowing I’m six billion for six billion. Well, if I didn’t snore so much.

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L A M E, L A M E, L A M E. ;-)

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I don’t hate one person, I hate everyone equally. (o:

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Well. I’m rather blunt and don’t think highly of many people. I’d say that the majority of the people I know hate me, but not all of them. I don’t think about this too often anymore.

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I like Bert and Ernie, but I hate rubber duckies. I’m so conflicted.

plus, they don’t even know I exist.

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@chicadelplaya: Haters walk with a limp?

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@blue- more like a chip on their shoulder…That’s supposed to be funny.;o) ha ha.

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It’s hard to get on my hate-list, easier to get on my dislike-list.
I would say everyone starts on my whatever-list
It’s hard to get on my love-list, easier to get on my like-list.

OMQ it’s a progressive continuum!!

[Hate – Dislike – Whatever – Like – Love]

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You mean you wake up and you don’t really remember the night before but you feel really guilty for some unexplained reason? No one answers your phone calls and no one calls you. I hate that feeling.

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No. Do you know something I don’t know?

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@applegate- I think to directly reference what you just did is inappropriate and could be very offensive to many people.

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Screeeeeech! Derailed and train wrecked. Was that supposed to be funny, applegate?

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Yeah…applegate fails. Big time.

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