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What is the title of this film?

Asked by bluemukaki (4327points) November 30th, 2008

I’m looking for the title of this film, but I have such a vague set of information about it that googling for it hasn’t been fruitful.

I know the film is French. It’s filmed in black and white. It appears breifly in Amélie (Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulin).

In the film, there is a scene where a woman wearing a cap is running with two men who are slightly behind her. They are running on a bridge with a wire-mesh over the sides.

I think it is reasonably well known.

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Jules et Jim?élie#Film_clips_used

It seems to more or less match the description.

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The film featured film or video clips from the following:

* A TV performance by the manic guitar-playing gospel singer Sister Rosetta Tharpe;[1]
* An excerpt of the documentary Born for Hard Luck, by Tom Davenport, featuring “Peg Leg” Sam Jackson[6]
* An excerpt of the 1998 documentary Seventeen Seconds to Sophie by Bill Cote[7][8]
* A clip from Father’s Little Dividend
* Three clips from François Truffaut’s French New Wave film Jules et Jim:
o Jules, Jim and Catherine running across an overpass.
o A “kissing scene” during which a bug crawls across the screen behind two lovers and appears to enter the woman’s mouth. This clip is specifically discussed by the narrator of Amélie, and during the clip a circle is superimposed around the bug to highlight its travel.
o A brief excerpt of Catherine singing her song, Le Tourbillon.
* A segment from French television where a horse runs along a road with cyclists during the Criterium International.
* A short scene of Zorro and his trademark of slashing a “Z” with his sword.


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It is indeed Jules et Jim, which is definitely worth seeing.

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Thanks heaps guys (and gals). I will definitely check it out soon.

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