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How can I find a flat/apartment to rent in Enschede/NL?

Asked by tilc (126points) December 1st, 2008

I will go to Enschede to learn on the university Saxion, next year (February or March), and I will stay there for like a half year, so I need to find a place to live. Please help. Dankjewel :)

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Vincentt's avatar is the de facto looking-for-a-house-website, as far as I’m aware. As I understand it, it’s a collaboration by most brokers in the Netherlands. Or something like that.

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^^(A Dutchman using both Latin and proper hyphens in English….swoon)

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“swoon”... swoon ;-)

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Thanx Vincentt! You are my dutch man! Echte Nederlands! :) BTW, I don’t see you around MSN…

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I am online sometimes but you’re always set to “Busy” or “Away” I believe :)

Perhaps a timezone difference is the problem? :)

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That is because I always do a lot of stuff, but nice ppl can reach me anytime :) So don’t feel confused because the busy/away flags, just write me :P

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