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Does everyone know to watch the night sky tonight? (Is Gail slipping?)

Asked by syz (35846points) December 1st, 2008

Venus, Jupiter, and the crescent moon are supposed to put on a good show tonight:;_ylt=AvcTQsT4iqY4ayKwuC.qd8us0NUE

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Around what time?

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thanks for the “heads up” ... get it?!

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thanks for letting us all know. it is suppose to be very spitatactular!! i hope to see it but it is snowing and don’t know if the ski is going to be clear by then. is there a way to see it somewhere other then the sky? i mean is there a site that we can go to see it happening?

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Go to tomorrow for some photographs. You need clear skies, no ambient light from cities and a good view to the SSW near the horizon at dusk.

The two planets, Venus below, will be the first objects to show up in the sky after the sun sets and the sky starts to darken. Moon will also be visible near horizon..All will set fairly soon thereafter since I presume that the earth is still rotating on its axis.

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@ cheslseababyy thank you!!it looks as though the shy is smiling. :) and @ gailcalled thank you too! i would be able to see it normally but the sky don’t look like it is going to clear up anytime soon. so thank you for these sites.

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You’re welcome. It’s supposed to be rainy and cloudy here in the Camyans, I’m hoping that I’ll still be able to see it.

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Apologies, Gail, I managed to miss your questions!

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For you, Syz, all is always forgiven. Milo sends his love.

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It’s been raining here, no planets for me

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there is another chance to see it tonight they said.:) the sky here is clear so i hope to see it.

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