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Have you noticed that squidy above is wearing red?

Asked by anthelios77 (275points) December 1st, 2008

And do you know why?

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He looks pink to me.

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And surely he is a jelly? are we accepting squidies now?

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Yes, in honor of World AIDS Day.

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<——- I know why (plus shameless plug) :-)

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Dr. J is recognizing World AIDS day.

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The jelly is pink on myFfluther page, but he has a red ribbon floating next to him in the sea. I believe he is floating with a red ribbon in commemoration of World AIDS Day Since that is in your topics, I ‘m guessing you already knew that.

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pink, not red, on my computer…..with a red ribbon nearby….

Breast cancer and AIDS awareness both, perhaps?

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it is pink in honor of world AIDS day.

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Cyber Monday > World AIDS day

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You’ve got that backwards, sink.

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I don’t believe I do. Well, I should append an IMO. Otherwise it can’t be quantified, as it is subjective. Since I can confirm that’s my opinion, I do not have it backwards. I do however acknowledge that the vast majority others will probably disagree with me.

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Backwards like “World AIDS Day < Cyber Monday”? :P

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Har har h**slap**ar.

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@shilolo: First, calling me “TheBathroomToilet” is just silly and juvenile. Refrain from that, please?

Second, my opinion pertains to World AIDS day. They happen to reside on the same dates currently.

Third, there was hardly a lot of productive commenting in the first place on this question. It doesn’t seem like my comment was entirely out of place.

Fourth, why did you ask if you’ve already formulated your own opinion on why I “espoused my opinion?” Furthermore, why are you espousing your opinion, which IMO is less relevant than what I said, when you so clearly frown upon it?

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Really? So, why is a day dedicated to material spending more important or valuable than World AIDS Day? Why? You clearly wanted to make an asinine statement, which you still haven’t supported with any reasoning beyond, its my “opinion”. As they always say, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

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Well first off, I didn’t want to make an asinine statement, and I don’t know why you keep saying that other than for the obvious reason that you think it’s an asinine statement.

The gist of it is I get good deals on stuff online, as opposed to World AIDS Day, which is about something I don’t even remotely care about. Furthermore, since I don’t care about it, and everyone else keeps talking about it, it gets kind of annoying to me. So in a contest between something I like vs. something I don’t care about/gets on my nerves, I choose the thing I like.

I realize I’m an insensitive asshole, but I don’t think it makes it an asinine statement. I don’t think stating a personal preference can ever be asinine.

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His name is Dr. J., like Eambos said.

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Interesting rationalization. You popped into a thread about World AIDS Day to say, “I don’t even remotely care about [it]”? If you don’t care about it, then why make a comment at all? And why waste valuable shopping time to make yourself heard? The whole situation makes no sense.

In fact, it was you who created this argument by spouting off on a thread you could have easily avoided. Clearly, your intent was to draw the ire of people here, and, I guess, you succeeded. By the way, I think that your self-description seems accurate. At least we can agree on one thing.

Oh, and for your reference, this is the definition of asinine. Apropos, I think.

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I popped in to say that Cyber Monday, something I do care about, is IMO better than World Aids Day. This is relevant, and stating an opinion. Why? I like to comment on things? It’s fun? I’m bored? What do you want?

I feel it was you who created the argument, by replying in a pugnacious manner, but that’s splitting hairs. What’s not splitting hairs is that I had absolutely no intention of drawing the ire of people. I know that as a fact, but you’re free to believe what you want. As I am free to believe what I want.

I know what asinine means. I was going for the first meaning, the one that just about everyone means when they say it. I was going to say “stupid” instead of asinine a couple of times on my previous response, but I felt I should quote you.

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Obviously, your self-awareness is limited. If someone proposed a question like “Who loves cats?” and you popped in to say “Dogs > cats” and then went on to say “I could care less about cats”, you don’t think that would be an attempt to bait people into an argument? This thread was meant as a way to highlight World AIDS Day, a noble idea. You, as you clearly stated, find it “annoying”, and so decided to vent your dissatisfaction here. In doing so, you rightly drew people into calling you out on it. Quite simply, cause and effect.

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@TheKitchenSink I have an off topic question for you. What do trolls eat for breakfast?

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[mod says:] Flame off please. Irrespective of personal opinions, the topic of this Q is Dr. J going red for World AIDS day, let’s stay on topic.

My own personal comment as a Fluther user, not a moderator – I would like to thank shilolo and lefteh for helping create awareness about such an important cause. I hope that other jellies will better understand it by reading the blog post and getting involved. Also, as a reminder, you might not know someone with AIDS right now but there are at least 1.2 million suffering from it in the US itself (taken from 2005) and so it’s definitely a cause worth fighting for (IMO).

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adds new name to the list

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Ok, so I’ve been spanked. I’ll leave the thread to shi and TheBathroomToilet, (as shi re-named him) to discuss cyber monday, and argue over other such things. But first let me say I was trying to give shi some back up because TheBathroomToilet seemed to be de-railing the thread.

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scamp, my comment was not directed at you at all

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I giggled! Don’t worry! ♥

Darn you, PnL, you rendered my supportive comment null.

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OOOps!! and whew!! I was getting steamed about the way the thread was going because I think it’s wonderful that we are showing how much we all care about this, and things were taking a turn for the worse. (slaps forehead) Umm.. never mind!!)

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[mod says:] off-topic quip removed. The Q for this thread is “Have you noticed that squidy above is wearing red? And do you know why?” hint: the why has to do with World AIDS Day

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I wore a red shirt, too, and for the same reason : )

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I am so glad I wasn’t around for this. It would not have been pretty.

I had a nice big red shirt with a World AIDS Day patch taped on the front and back!

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That was a closing statement, but okay.


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Dang.. so much can happen in just a few days..

I severely apologize for calling Jelly a squid! I feel a bit embarrassed. :)

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aw, that’s okay! i love “severely apologize”. i’ve never heard that before. i’m going to start saying it :-)

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Thank you. :)

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