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Is their anything you will refuse to buy new?

Asked by DeanV (14216points) December 1st, 2008

Example: I don’t like new skis. i find them very overpriced

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I feel this way about most salt water fish tank equipment. Its soooooo ridiculously expensive. And there are constantly people getting out of the hobby so its easy to find great deals on barely used parts.

Also if theres anything i cab buy refurbished instead of new, ill always go for it.

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Cars. As soon as you drive them off the lot they lose value.

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Underwear…. j/k

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I prefer going to the shelter and saving a nice, lonely dog who needs a home than paying an obscene amount for a newborn puppy from a breeder.

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Paintball guns.
They’re like cars. The moment you buy a new one, it loses value, so much so, that with-in the year, you can get the same gun used for 1\3 the price. The only exception is the Tippman Brand of Gun.

But don’t get me wrong, I do buy new… sometimes…

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@sfortunata ewwww

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I am going to have to ring in on cars.

Also kids clothing and toys. (I don’t refuse to buy new….just don’t do it often.)

@Eambos. Pets! Me too. All my dogs are used. :)

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I don’t like buying new leather goods. Somehow I feel less guilty if they’re vintage, or at least used.

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*There are several used-book stores here and a nice library. No more new books for me.

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Guitars and Bikes…the old ones are better.

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good one gail. used books for me too

I am the same about DVDs, CDs. Rarely do I buy new.

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Really cool pants. When I have a craving, I go to Good Will and search. I have found some good ones. :)

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Books (textbooks in particular), jackets, magazines (just take one from a waiting room, with the receptionist’s permission, of course), anything that’s vintage/vintage style, posters, and collectibles.

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Teacups. I have very specific rules about the teacups I collect and in doing so, generally cannot buy them new.

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condoms….definitely condoms.

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Engagement and Wedding Rings, such a scam… I usually buy my life long commitment rings a couple divorces passed down

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@LKidKyle: I have something to say but don’t know what it is. Maybe “do you often find yourself in the market for new lifelong commitment rings?” Possibly also “don’t date anyone superstitious” or “but you can’t get the really good, interesting ones that way!!” Take your pick.

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I agree with cars and pets. I also prefer used books to new ones but I don’t refuse new books.

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Cars and pets. I generally don’t buy new books, but do make exceptions. Sometimes, I want to own it, and just can’t wait!

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@ empressPixie lol, I just wanted to see how people would respond to my asshole response to this question. all your responses sound pretty good. I guess one thing I really refuse to buy new is Equipment for my painting business I ran this summer, except brushes of course.

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Given the state of the economy and the worse state of my portfolio, I refuse to buy anything now.

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I’m with ya gail!

Right now we could probably all benefit from the many used books on do-it-yourself too! :)

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i second eambos. i’ve had dozens and dozens of animals and the only ones i’ve bought are hamsters and like, fish.

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Video Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50–60 bucks for one that I will eventually get tired of anyway????

Some people only buy some things NEW when they plan to collect it. If youre starting a collection of something, its best to buy it new. Its makes your collection more unique that way. But if not, psh. Buy EVERYTHING used imo!

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