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Would going to hang out with someone at their house with a ton of random ppl you don't know make u feel awkward?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) December 1st, 2008

Sometimes, ppl have excuses not to go to hang out with someone just because they don’t know any other ppl. Would hanging out with a bunch of random other ppl at a birthday party most likely make you not want to go?

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Nope. I LOVE being in that position, starting conversation, meeting new people! LOVE IT

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Yes, I hate going places where there is a bunch of people I don’t know, but I do usually end up meeting very interesting people in these types of situations. This is how I met my husband.

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Yeahhh… Once I just drank my way out of the awkwardness and made friends. Too bad they don’t remember me. I remember one girl, and I played netball against her, but she definitely had no idea who I was. Oh well.

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I’ve been there and I must say it is very awkward for me. Especially when I’m with a friend of mine and he takes me to a party where he knows everybody there and I don’t. I try to avoid these situations as much as possible.

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I love meeting new people.

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Yes, but I would go anyway. I’m there for the person having the special day, you know?

Also because my boyfriend has been in this city forever and I moved here fairly recently, so we’re constantly in this position. It’s okay though, I’ve slowly stolen the friends of his I like.

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Yeah, it would make me feel weird. It wouldn’t be too bad as long as I was pretty close to the person who was having the birthday, though. Because at least then you have one person you know you can talk to if you’re too uncomfortable trying to get to know any new people.

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It’s not my strong point, but I go. I’m nice and yes, I have a drink. You would think that by my age, late thirties, I would be better at this, by now.

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I’m the same as cak. Not my strong point, but I go (sometimes).

I find having a drink helps me relax. I always set an intention before my first sip. Usually it’s to lighten up, to relax, to be more outgoing, to have fun.

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random or boring people?

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@johnny – ppl you wouldn’t know. so variety of boring AND fun ppl?. lol

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Might as well go, life is easier when you try to relate to others.
Just takes practice…

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@fireside: I think I might be practicing until the day I die, then… ;)

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Me too! I don’t think it will ever be comfortable for me. I’ve made my peace with that. And sometimes I have to get out of the friggin house.

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It got easier for me once I figured out that half the people that i was nervous around were nervous too. They just showed it in different ways.

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If the people are cool, definitely not. I’m a pretty sociable person, always down to meet new people, so why not?

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It would make me uncomfortable. To the point that I wouldn’t go unless it was really important that I do so. If at all possible in these situations, I like to bring along a friend.

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It’s kinda cool actually. As long as i know one.

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It used to, but generally I would jump into overdrive and become Super Me. That’s when I make friends with everyone and try to be the life of the party to distract myself and make friends. Now, I’m on happy pills. I can do the same thing, but now I have a choice because the anxiety is gone.

Plus, I used to never be able to go to movies or functions of any kind alone. I didn’t like being cut off from other people and would have no one to share with. Then I got a job at a movie theater and had free tickets to shows. I started going after work and oddly, it made me more self-sufficient in terms of entertainment. Same sort of situation.

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See page 126 for the solution to this problem

Page 126, BEER

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It depends on which personality is dominant at the time.

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Depends on if the people I do know will stick with me at the party. I’m very lucky to have a best friend who doesn’t abandon me when we’re out together. Some of my other friends are more flighty, and if they aren’t there and everyone else excludes me from their conversations, then I just feel like an idiot. I can be very awkward in social situations like these.

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I kind of dislike most of the people my own age in my town, so I’d be happy to go somewhere with completely new people. I feel I can be myself if there is no one who already knows me.

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Go, and bring a friend with you so you will have someone to talk to while you get to know new people. The birthday girl will be too busy to spend much time with just you, and I doubt she would mind your bringing a friend if you ask her ahead of time. Have fun!!

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Are you asking me?...No…

That was easy

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For most occasions, depends on my mood.
For birthdays, I’ll go no matter what.

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This question reminds me of that personality inventory question:

After interacting with others, do you feel energized or do you need time alone to recharge your batteries?

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