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What is the best graphic format for importing images into Microsoft Word?

Asked by iomar (26points) August 30th, 2007 from iPhone

hello, I have used adobe illustrator to create a letterhead with logo. Now I like to save this leterhead as template in ms word. What is the best graphic format that I can use to bring my leterhead in to word and save it in a template so that my client type his letters right on his letterhead and print it to his laser printer? I have uses eps in the past and it used to work alright, but now I have now it is kind of alright on the mac but when I open the same file in a window pc using office 2003 and window xp. The eps image shows in black and when I print it also prints black and it looks really bad in print. I mac it look bad on screen but prints fine. My client is using window xp so I have to make it look good and print good from windows.


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.jpeg at 150 to 300dpi. Just send the .jpeg or .jpg and let him up load it to his Word page, place it, and save it. If all else has failed.The problem is Word going from Mac to PC not a problem with just the graphic file. Programs are better now but try this.

Office 2007 is good with Word. 2003 is ok if he has not upgraded.

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