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If you could purchase any watch what would it be and why?

Asked by Grouchoss (6points) August 30th, 2007 from iPhone


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If I was totally rich a Rolex.

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I’d just replace my old Swiss Army watch. Because I really, REALLY loved that watch.

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a watch is something that its supposed to be with u for the rest of your life and pass it to your son and so on… its also an investment, on you of course, this obviously depends on what u want from your life and the way u see things and what does the timepiece tells you, the meaning of it, I don’t own a full collection like john mayer does, but i do have 3 respectable fine timepieces that can be considered as something to pass on to your descendants, an oris, a tissot and a porsche design, all 3 are pretty expensive, but mean and represent my life as a successful and happy young man, its an amazing experience to see what time is it in something like that when u wake up… it tells u, go on, u r doing great!

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Yea… John Mayer is the ultimate watch collector… His first purchase after he won a Grammy was an IWC Big Pilot… Beautiful watch

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And john also has a Patek Philippe that cost the mere sum of $260,000.00, thats big bird mode! just imagine the beauty of something with so many zeros on its price…. u can take a look at it @

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